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Seamless Check-In
Secure Spaces
Visitor Management, Simplified

Effortless, secure visitor management system automates registration, sign-in, onboarding, and sign-out for a streamlined and modernized entry experience.

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Features & Integrations

Say goodbye to paper-based visitor logs, improve security, increase productivity and manage your visitor’s check-in process

Automatic Host Notifications

CoReceptionist sends instant notifications via email, SMS, or Slack upon visitor arrival, saving front office staff valuable time.

Visitor & Guest Badges

CoReceptionist crafts customizable visitor and guest badges, sparing you the effort of design and layout for a tailored experience.

Legal, Governance & Compliance

Adhere to compliance standards and governance protocols effortlessly with CoReceptionist's inclusive suite of standard features.

Streamlined Visitor Invitation

Pre-registration feature allows effortless invitation of anticipated or VIP guests, automating personalized emails with meeting specifics and connecting them with hosts seamlessly.

Tailoring Your Welcome Screen

Enhance your iPad's branding with CoReceptionist! Customize the welcome screen by adding your corporate logo, slideshow images, custom button labels, colors, and more.

Multi-Language Support

CoReceptionist offers visitors the flexibility to sign in using various languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish.

Embrace Safe Entry Without Contact

Strengthening Safety with Contactless Entry

Our Touchless visitor entry system prioritizes safety by eliminating physical contact during check-ins at your office. This minimizes unnecessary interactions for various visitor types, including contractors, interviewees, or customers. Utilizing their phone camera to scan QR codes within the CoReceptionist app on the tablet/kiosk at the office reception is all it takes for a seamless check-in process.

Maximize Efficiency with CoReceptionist: Streamlined Visitor Management

Experience Seamless Visitor Management Solutions

CoReceptionist offers a comprehensive visitor management system, streamlining the entire visitor registration process from check-in to onboarding and departure. Say goodbye to cumbersome paper sign-in books—CoReceptionist revolutionizes this process, eliminating inefficiencies, unreliability, and inaccuracies. With our visitor management kiosk, reception staff efficiency is boosted as visitors can seamlessly check themselves in, transforming the traditional approach to visitor reception.
Analytical data and visitor log graphical representation.


Boost Efficiency & Elevate Productivity

Elevate your initial impact by delivering a seamless visitor encounter through intelligent office tech. CoReceptionist stands as your reception and lobby management solution, enhancing office security by effortlessly handling visitor arrivals and departures. It ensures accurate visitor registration and promptly alerts the host employee upon their arrival.

Centralize Operations, Save Time!

Streamlined Visitor Check-in for Offices and Safety-Compliant Facilities

Tailored Visitor Engagement

Define Visitor Information Preferences with CoReceptionist's Customizable Sign-In Settings

Assisting Emergency Evacuations

CoReceptionist: Your Partner for Safe and Compliant Office Evacuations in the case of an emergency

Quick Check-in for Regular Visitors

Enable swift sign-ins for regular guests via their email, skipping redundant data entry from previous visits.

Continuous Support and Updates

Experience Comprehensive Assistance with CoReceptionist, 24x5 Technical Support and Scheduled Product Enhancements.
Single solution for different industries
Universities, Schools & Educational Institutes requires to keep students and faculty safe at campus.
Elevating Engagement at Exhibitions, Trade Shows, and Sales Booths through Visitor Management.
Security Solutions Tailored for Manufacturing, Corporate Offices, and Residential Buildings.
Securing Access Points and Front Desks with an Intelligent Access Control System

User Reviews & Ratings

Based on 14 reviews
Hector Michel Agramonte Ramirez
Hector Michel Agramonte Ramirez
Excelente Programa Pros: Nos permite registrar los datos de los Clientes en el de Manera Facil y sencilla Cons: Hasta ahora no veo ninguna desventaja en el programa
Olivier Santos
Olivier Santos
An effective tool for keeping track of customers Pros: This app is one of our best tools to track important client demographics. Customers appreciate the app due its convenient access on smartphones. Cons: In the future, additional reporting options would be useful - such a s generating reports for a particular parameter.
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey
Great Customer Service Pros: Does the job. Good customer support. Would recommend. Cons: Android support is limited. iPad supported fully.
Mario Zerellari
Mario Zerellari
Versatilità e semplicità Overall: Momentaneamente è molto positiva. Pros: Ha tutte le opzioni necessarie per tenere traccia del visitatori o esterni in entrata presso il proprio stabilimento/attività ecc. Cons: Potrebbe essere positivo l'inserimento di uno spazio per la modifica grafica autonoma dei badge
S. David Hall, PsyD, LMFT, LPC
S. David Hall, PsyD, LMFT, LPC
Great value and excellent customer service Pros: Love how both simple to use, and customizable, CoReceptionist has been. We did not have to buy specialized equipment which was a huge plus. The customer service has also been excellent. I have, and will continue to, recommend CoReceptionist to other finds and colleagues. Cons: Nothing of note great note. There have been occasional issues with the SMS service going off line, but this has been rare and short lived. In those situations, I have simple had my staff turn on email messaging
Steven Davis
Steven Davis
Great support and lots of feature Pros: Great features that you wont get for the amount you pay for this service. The feature that takes a picture is really useful for security purposes. Cons: It would be nice if you could create another question that depends on the prevouis one. If a question asking if you want to see HR or IT, depending on your answer it would ask you different questions.
Donna M
Donna M
Great app Overall: I like the system, as do our visitors who often rave about it. I like that I can check visitors out and even select the time they left in the event I forget to do it immediately. Customer Service is outstanding. If I have a question, I ask it in chat and they always respond promptly. They sometimes call me (after asking permission to do so) when speaking will be more efficient than chat. Pros: Easy to use, I'm able to make changes to the questions, I can sign people out from my computer if they forget to check out. Customer support is exceptional. Cons: I would like to be able to have guests sign in with first and last name in one field. Many of them do that automatically and then have to re-enter their last name in the last name field. I would also like to remove the email option though I do know that field can be used for repeat visitors. I do give the option for people to skip it, but many don't see that.
Shirley Gray
Shirley Gray
Great Product Overall: This is a great product. Pros: It had everything that the firm was looking for, and if for any reason it was missing anything I worked with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and he accommodated us in a timely fashion and added the features we wanted. Cons: There were a few features that weren't available at first, but were quickly addressed and added.
Krystal Greco
Krystal Greco
Easy to set up, use, and suits smaller organizational purposes. Pros: When my workplace started looking for an electronic VMS, we needed something that was quick, simple, and efficient. From the get go, the team at CoReceptionist was up front about what their features were and kept us in the loop on new developments regarding features our team needed to function properly, even though we were not a customer at the time. Within a short time frame, CoReceptionist added the features requested and have continued to impress us with their communication and willingness to assist in our transition. The dashboard is sleek and easy for even the most computer illiterate, and since the sign in screens are customizable, we were able to continue with our branding all the way through. The price is also unbeatable when compared to others, like Envoy, and since we are a small department with a small budget, this decision was a no-brainer. Keep up the good work! Cons: I wouldn't necessarily classify this as a con, but in the future I would like to see more features regarding the analytics of visitor data, as opposed to just an export function, such as average length of time of visitors, peak time periods, etc. I would also like to see a way to manually edit the visitor log from the dashboard, such as adding and removing entries for visitors. The last feature I would like to see is a way to remove selecting a "host" in the sign in process, as we are an educational institution and our visitors are students who are new to the college, but I believe this is in the works already.
Jason Keth
Jason Keth
Great product Pros: The support staff were very helpful in customizing the software to work best for us. Cons: We had an issue with the device we used however the support team were excellent in helping us.