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A Sneak Peek

With the Head Office in the USA and Development Center in India, CoReceptionist began its journey in July 2018. We are currently busy establishing ourselves as one of the pioneering visitor management software. We want CoReceptionist to reach all industries and we won't stop until we make it happen. Customer Care and feedback are the backbone of our organization and we constantly thrive on it.
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Our Ethos

Fueled with Passion for Innovation

We are continuing to create in the field of visitor management by introducing features like
  • Visitor types
  • Back up contacts
  • Video inductions
  • Signing Multiple NDA's, and many more
Based on constant innovation in the field, and our dedication to our customers. Further, illustrated by our indispensable support philosophy, we continue to grow.

Our Founder and Co-Founder are tech & web-savvy. They are consistently brainstorming with one of the best team of web and android developers.

Our Core Values


We are a group of prolific individuals who challenge and inspire each other. That is how we polish ourselves and let our team efforts shine.

At CoReceptionist, delivering results is how we fulfill our purpose and mission. We establish measurable goals that help us focus on the minute details that make the most significant difference.

We thrive on giving our customers a great experience. Thus we keep bettering our product and services.

The customer is our center of the Universe. We work hard non-stop to improve ourselves on our clients’ feedback and criticism. Delivering the best service and products and providing the best after-sale support is our top priority.

Our Clientele

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10  + million
Visits Registered Via CoReceptionist
30  +
Fortune 500 Companies On CoReceptionist
50  +
Countries Represented By Our Clientele

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

Great app


I like the system, as do our visitors who often rave about it. I like that I can check visitors out and even select the time they left in the event I forget to do it immediately. Customer Service is outstanding. If I have a question, I ask it in chat and they always respond promptly. They sometimes call me (after asking permission to do so) when speaking will be more efficient than chat.

Donna M

Easy to set up


The dashboard is sleek and easy for even the most computer illiterate, and since the sign in screens are customizable, we were able to continue with our branding all the way through. The price is also unbeatable when compared to others, like Envoy.

Krystal G

Great product


The support staff were very helpful in customizing the software to work best for us.

Jason K

A modern and advance Receptionist


Loved how easy and simple the interface is. It made my visitors management so easy-going and advanced. Visitors also love how they can themselves book a meeting with the concerned person.


Repurposed for a club


Great CS. I email them a request of change, next morning it’s usually done. Customized badge layouts, great comm between developers and programmers and really nice, kind people.

Nick B

Amazing Customer Service


We don’t have visibility into our lobby from our offices, so this allows us to know when guests arrive without having to pay a receptionist.

Laura M

Great software


software program is user-friendly and what functions not yet available the staff is very responsive to getting available.

Linda R