Brother Printer Error codes

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Following are all the available Brother Printer error codes:

-3 Timeout request
-7 Request to make a stream failed.
-8 Request to open a stream failed
-9 Listed file does not exist.
-10 Listed page range exceeds the maximum.

-11 Printer model is different
-12 No Brother printer found.
-13 No paper
-14 Inadequate battery level
-15 Printer status retrieval failed.
-16 Overheating error
-17 Paper jam
-18 Adapter has high-voltage
-19 While printing, replace the paper cassette.
-20 Paper ended or Feeding error

-21 System error
-22 No paper cassette found during a printing operation.
-24 Request to create a socket failed.
-26 Request to retrieve the output stream failed.
-27 Request to retrieve the input stream failed.
-28 Request to close the opening failed.
-29 Inadequate memory
-30 Specified margin exceeded.

-31 No SD card
-32 Unsupported file
-33 PDF printing trial period ended.
-34 Custom paper settings input incorrect
-35 Unspecified IP addresses and MAC addresses.
-38 Incompatible Template file and printer model.
-39 Model & template transfer incompatible
-40 Cover open

-41 Wrong roll type
-42 Interface unsupported
-43 A template with the specified key doesn’t exist.
-44 Occupied
-45 Model incompatible with P-touch template printing
-46 Cancel
-47 Unsupported Device settings function
-48 Wrong parameter
-49 Internal device error
-50 Model incompatible with template deleting and retrieving

-51 Template doesn’t exist.
-53 Buffer full
-54 Tube blank
-55 Tube ribbon blank
-58 Length too short to print

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