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I have Offices at different geographical locations. OR What if I have multiple offices in different cities?


Our pricing plans work on the number of employees (authorized to meet the visitors) per location. 

For instance, our Basic Plan is for $25 per month per location and for up to 50 Employees. Now, in order to add more locations for the same number of employees, you have to pay $50 monthly. 

No matter how many plans you subscribe to, all are bundled under a single account. CoReceptionist makes your job of managing the subscriptions simpler and easier.

Location Management

Advantages of our Multi-Location Management :

  • Location-wise device assignment
  • Clone current location to set up a new location- it is a simple and easy task
  • Add new location while adding the device
  • View visitor logs by Location
  • Set different time zones to different locations to enhance the process of sending notification emails

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