Why replace your paper based visitor logs with an automated visitor management system?

Why replace your paper based visitor logs with an automated visitor management system?

Organisations whether they are manufacturers, offices, schools or even government traditionally manage visitor arrival and tracking using a paper based visitor logbook system. These logbooks are slow, insecure and are often poorly completed due the laziness of visitors. In addition to this the log books themselves are often lost or damaged a short time after being completed so there is no way to access historical visitor data without compiling a report which could take hours.

Overwhelmingly now organisations are acknowledging the appalling state of visitor management for them and are quickly adopting automated visitor management solutions such as CoReceptionist.

Automated visitor management systems are the perfect front-end companion that can totally automate the visitor check in process, assisting front office staff or replacing the need for them entirely.

CoReceptionist is a visitor management system that manages the entire end-to-end visitor process. From check in that includes collecting visitor details, requiring the competition of safety tests or the signing of legal documents such as NDA’s to the printing of custom visitor passes or badges to final check out and reporting.

Paper based visitor logs provide none of the same capabilities and to even come close would require a lot of custom printed forms and significant input from your front office staff.

Automated visitor management solutions also automatically notify staff of the visitor’s arrival, by either SMS or email. This further reduces the workload of front desk staff and ensures employees are notified even if they are away from their desk.

In an emergency paper based visitor logs provide little to no support as wardens managing the evacuation of all onsite personnel struggle to read the scratching of the visitors of the day. CoReceptionist provides an evacuation mode that assists in ensuring a safe and successful evacuation occurs at a time of emergency. Upon activation, a notification is sent to all personnel that they are required to evacuate the building or facility, and a detailed list of all on-site visitors to assist.

Automating your visitor management system is the single most productivity enhancing change that you can make to your front desk, and at a time when a lot of organisations are adopting this technology the bar has been raised and you don’t want to be left behind.