Safe, Sophisticated, Simple

CoReceptionist is the intelligent front desk companion that simplifies and secures visitor management processes in Aerospace Industry.


CoReceptionist for Aerospace

Do you want your organization to spend more time focusing on your core business and less time on overheads and administration? Then integrate CoReceptionist into your facility today.

CoReceptionist provides an end-to-end solution to visitor management for your facility, which assists in ensuring your facility is compliant with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Visitors waiting at an airport while an airplane takes off.

Aerospace Features

Aerospace Industry Compliant

CoReceptionist’s ability to store and display information about anyone who is in your facility not just visitors or guests but employees as well ensures your company remains compliant with all Aerospace Industry regulations and standards.

Emergency Evacuation List

In the case of an emergency CoReceptionist has you covered, ensure all your staff and visitors are safe by activating Evacuation mode. Upon activation, CoReceptionist will send an SMS to all employees and provide a list of all visitors that are currently on site.

Visitor ID Badges with Photo Verification

Show your facilities sophistication and professionalism by providing all visitors and guests with custom printed passes that include their own photograph and unique barcode to assist with identification. CoReceptionist provides these capabilities to you and many more.

Scalable and Flexible

CoReceptionist is scalable for full enterprise deployment allowing it to manage visitors across multiple buildings or multiple facilities in multiple countries.

Blocked Lists

CoReceptionist supports the creation of blocked or “black” lists that tracks a list of visitors who are banned or restricted from entering the facility or office. Alternatively, a white list is configurable which includes visitors that are granted permission or approved to visit.

Directory of Locations

For larger facilities or those that span multiple floors in a building, CoReceptionist maintains a directory of locations including where particular employees are located, assisting visitors in navigating where they need to go within the facility.
Single solution for different industries
Universities, Schools & Educational Institutes requires to keep students and faculty safe at campus
Visitor management plays big role at exhibitions, trade shows, and sales booth to connect with visitors.
Manufacturing industries, corporate office & residential buildings need a secure visitor management system.
Keep your security gates, entry points, and front desk secure with smart access control system