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Secure, Compliant, Simple

Improve the security, compliance, and efficiency of your government office or department with the CoReceptionist.


CoReceptionist for Government

Government departments and offices often face a stricter level of compliance and regulation than those in the private sector. Paper-based visitor logs are therefore insufficient at providing the necessary levels of record-keeping for government offices. CoReceptionist will ensure that a Government Organization maintains up to date and compliant visitor records and logs.
Corporate and Government Offices

Legal Sector Features

Custom Visitor Badges

CoReceptionist provides additional security for the government office with custom visitor badges or passes. The design and layout of the badges are customizable through the CoReceptionist admin portal and photographs or identification barcodes can be added for enhanced security and faster sign out.

Governance and Compliance

CoReceptionist is compliant with all known visitor based regulations and standards, including ITAR, C-TPAT, FSMA, and PCI. This compliance achieved through the CoReceptionist applications support for custom printed badges, ability to integrate to conduct background checks, and historical visitor logging and reporting.

External Systems Integration

CoReceptionist allows for external systems integration through the applications powerful API. CoReceptionist is extensible to other systems including security and access management systems, customer or employee management systems and many others.

Evacuation Support

CoReceptionist provides full support for your government office during a crisis or emergency. When activated the applications evacuation mode notifies all staff and visitors of the need to evacuate, where they need to evacuate too and provides a full list of all visitors on site to assist with the evacuation.

Visitor Arrival Notifications

CoReceptionist makes visitor arrivals simple and automated. Upon completing check-in at a CoReceptionist kiosk, the employee who the visitor is meeting receives a notification of their arrival either by SMS or by email. The visitor is then either advised to wait in the reception area until the employee arrives or is guided to the employee’s location within the building or campus.

Reporting and Tracking

Natively the reporting and tracking options provided by the CoReceptionist application are extremely powerful and provide timely and efficient access to visitor reports that previously the government department or office would have had no visibility of. Within the CoReceptionist management portal, an administrator simply selects the desired time period and the CoReceptionist applications generate a detailed visitor report at the click of a button.
Single solution for different industries
Universities, Schools & Educational Institutes requires to keep students and faculty safe at campus
Visitor management plays big role at exhibitions, trade shows, and sales booth to connect with visitors.
Manufacturing industries, corporate office & residential buildings need a secure visitor management system.
Keep your security gates, entry points, and front desk secure with smart access control system