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Secure & Safeguard your Office Locations

Reception in office is the first line of defense, you can filter the visitors and promote a safe working environment.


It is necessary to filter visitors from intruders to ensure that the office premise is safe for all employees. That is what CoReceptionist does for your business, it smartly secures the workplace from trespassers and/or troublemakers. In the case of an emergency, it will ensure everybody is notified on the company property and is evacuated a safe place.

iPad/Tablet Sign In

Our software allows linking devices like the iPad & Tablet for visitors signing-in to an office premise. This helps to track every visitor's entry & exit points.

Emergency Evacuations

CoReceptionsit facilitates employees and visitors with evacuation instructions, so no one is omitted. Notification via SMS and/or email is sent in case of an emergency.

Employees Directory

Our Cloud-Based software allows to maintain and manage an interactive employee directory. It is accessible to visitors so they can easily spot their host.


A powerful API that enables integration with external systems such as Security Access Management and Customer Management Systems.

NDA & Induction Videos

The customization of multiple NDA’s & Induction Videos on Sign-in screen. Collect visitors’ signatures digitally.

Host Notifications

The Visitor picks the contact from the employee directory they want to meet and instantly host is notified via SMS, email or even through Slack.