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CoReceptionist is a versatile visitor management system suitable for

a range of Industries

It saves both time and money by not hiring a full-time office receptionist to meet & greet visitors. CoReceptionist with a customizable interface is versatile and best fit in a range of industries.


Manufacturer and Suppliers

In environments like factories and warehouses, CoReceptionist efficiently tracks multiple visitors, offering features like visitor image capture, real-time logs, visitor badges, and an evacuation mode.
  • Captures Visitor Image
  • Presents Real-time Visitor logs
  • Offers Visitor Badges and Evacuation Mode

Educational Facilities

University and School Campus

Educational facilities face numerous challenges in managing visitors on their campus as they are often spread out and have access to multiple entry points.
For universities and schools, it enhances campus visitor management with full scalability, barcode-based fast sign-out, and a locations directory.
It offers -
  • Full scalability
  • Barcodes for fast sign out
  • Locations directory
Visitors waiting at an airport while an airplane takes off.


Aerospace Industry

CoReceptionist ensures compliance with ITAR and other security programs, providing features like a real-time visitor dashboard, API integration, and enhanced security.
It also presents with-
  • Real time visitor dashboard
  • API and Integration
  • Increased Security


Legal Services

CoReceptionist is the perfect visitor management system for organizations in the legal sector including corporate legal departments, court executives, federal, state and local governments. Ideal for legal sectors, including courts and government offices, it offers self-operating visitor management with features like legal compliance, email/SMS notifications, and NDA signing.

Further, it extends

  • Legal & Compliance
  • Notifications via Email and SMS
  • The signing of NDA’s and visitor badges
HealthCare Facilities and Hospitals


HealthCare Facilities & Hospitals

Speed up the process for patient admittance and declutter the front office, by deploying CoReceptionist as your automated patient admission system.
It streamlines patient admittance in healthcare settings, replacing traditional paper-based systems with an iPad app for efficient form filling and front desk operations.
CoReceptionist Simplifies-
  • Admitting New and Revisiting Patients
  • Form filling and filing
  • Front desk operations

Government Offices

Corporate and Government Offices

CoReceptionist eliminates the need for reception staff at once. The end-to-end solution allows visitors from corporates and government offices to sign themselves in, fill in all necessary information, and select their host. This end-to-end solution allows visitors to self-register, providing custom badges, photo capture, and host notifications.
CoReceptionist -
  • Provides Custom visitor badges
  • Captures Visitor photo
  • Sends Host Notifications
Multiple professionals working in a co-working space.


Co-working Spaces

In co-working environments, it manages high footfall, maintaining an engaging atmosphere with automatic sign-in/out and systematic emergency evacuation procedures.. CoReceptionist screens the visitors at the entrance via kiosks. It also notifies the hosts and establishes a successful meeting between both parties, without any confusion and distraction.
  • Maintains an engaging work environment in spite of constant footfall.
  • Automatic Sign-in & Sign-Out
  • Systematic Emergency Evacuation

Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings and Communities

Enhancing security in residential areas, it keeps track of all visitors and personnel, offering cloud storage, QR/barcodes for invitees, and attendance/salary records. You can maintain a track record of visitors, security & maintenance personnel, maids, etc, without worrying about the fact that it might get damaged or lost. It's is an invisible shield to safeguard homes, apartments and building complexes.
  • Cloud-Storage of Data
  • QR Codes and Barcode for Invitees & Revisiting (Visitors)
  • Attendance & Salary Record of Working Personnel