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High-Tech Visitor Management System

NOW is the time to switch to CoReceptionist, a cloud-based application. It offers smart Visitation & Security features to make your company efficient.

Accelerate your
front desk process

CoReceptionist is a reception and lobby management system that improves the security of your office and workplace by automatically managing the arrival and departure of all visitors.

CoReceptionist ensures visitor registration is completed correctly and the employee they are visiting is notified of their arrival.

Traditional Front Desk CoReceptionist Dashboard
4 Minutes

For a front reception employee to greet a visitor, discover the reason for the visit, sign them in and notify employees of their arrival.

Only Seconds

Welcome the visitor to the office and let CoReceptionist do the rest.

3 Minutes

To receive a package, confirm it’s condition, record the delivery and notify the relevant employee.

20 seconds

Inspect the delivery and let CoReceptionist do the rest

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More Features

Optimize Security

Secure, Modernise and Automate your Reception

Your reception/lobby area is the most important location of your organization, this is where the first impressions are formed and it also acts as the first line of defense. We help shield your property, employees and also the guests.
  • iPad/Tablet Sign In
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Integration
  • Employees Directory
  • Legal Signatures & Induction Videos
  • Host Notifications
A visitor standing next to the reception area with a tablet with Visitor Management software.
Three visitors checking-in, in a visitor management software.

Compliance Operations

A virtual assistant to take charge of real-life business needs.

Now it is much easier for the visitors to complete and submit legal reports/documents since the entire process is digitalized. Each and every detail is stored in the cloud for future reviews. CoReceptionist assists you in clarifying particular queries to comply more smoothly with ITAR.
  • Custom Sign In Fields
  • Export Logs
  • iPad/ Tablet Sign In
  • Data Privacy
  • NDA Agreements & Induction Videos
  • Visitor Type

Increased Workflow Efficiency

For business that demands seamless everyday operation

CoReceptionist accelerates the process of check-ins saving your business a lot of time and money to make you more productive. Let us handle your day to day operations so you can focus on a bigger picture.
  • QR/Barcodes
  • Dashboard
  • Location Directory
  • Host Notifications
  • Guest Log-in
An office executive working on a desktop in her office.
An office executive talking to a client over hands-free in an office.

Ease of Custom Branding

Transform the way your business meets Visitors

Welcome and greet visitors from all around the world and offer them a tailored made experience with easy and accurate customization. Let the globalization happen where your business stands.
  • QR/Barcodes
  • Dashboard
  • Location Directory
  • Host Notifications
  • Guest Log-in


Hassle-free deliveries without interruptions

A special & customizable feature to receive a package or delivery of food. Add as many courier and food delivery services as you want.
  • Package Delivery
  • Food Deliveries
  • Signature Request
Three delivery executives standing holding packages.
Two executives standing before a visitor management software screen displaying the employee list.

Employee Check-in & Check-out

Keep the track of employees

One-stop application for check-in and check-out logs for visitors as well as employees. Just list all your employees in the app as contacts & track their working hours.
  • Employee Directory
  • Check-In
  • Check-Out

Employees Directory

Interactive employee directory enables to manage and maintain employee details in one place. Help visitors get to search their host in your facility.

Location Directory

CoReceptionist is a total visitor management system that allows you to manage your Locations, Spaces, Devices and their settings across the organization.

Devices Manager

CoReceptionist allows associating devices (iOS iPad and Android Tablets) to a specific entry point to track visitors entry point in the facility.

Scalable and Flexible

CoReceptionist is capable of being installed on multiple devices, making it highly scalable and flexible for organizations have multiple entrances.

Rich Functionality

CoReceptionist is a total visitor management system that allows you to throw away those old paper logbooks and move into the 21st century.


CoReceptionist is a fully supported application with 24x7 technical support available and regular product updates being released.