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Paper Based visitor logs are outdated

Paper visitor Logs which easily get damaged, lost or destroyed are a thing of the past and the Co Receptionist Visitor Management App is the future.
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CoReceptionist is a reception and lobby management system that improves the security of your office and workplace by automatically managing the arrival and departure of all visitors.

CoReceptionist ensures visitor registration is completed correctly and the employee they are visiting is notified of their arrival.

Traditional Front Desk CoReceptionist Dashboard
4 Minutes

For a front reception employee to greet a visitor, discover the reason for the visit, sign them in and notify employees of their arrival.

Only Seconds

Welcome the visitor to the office and let CoReceptionist do the rest.

3 Minutes

To receive a package, confirm it’s condition, record the delivery and notify the relevant employee.

20 seconds

Inspect the delivery and let CoReceptionist do the rest

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More Features


Sign in unlimited visitors

CoReceptionist manages the full end-to-end process of welcoming visitors to the office by on-boarding them with any necessary documents.

Don't Keep Guests Waiting

CoReceptionists built-in automated notifications by SMS or text. After a visitor, signs themselves in using the application

Customize sign-in fields

CoReceptionist allows you to customize sign-in fields for collecting the visitor information you required. Choose from various fields types from available fields from entry to report.

Returning Visitors Support

Do you have repeated visitors? Why make them fill all details again !! Saving their on-boarding time in the facility by retrieving past information.

Be Prepared in Case of Emergencies

CoReceptionist supports a safe evacuation by providing a list of all visitors on site and sending out an alert notification about the evacuation to all staff when activated.


CoReceptionist includes a powerful API that allows for integration with external systems such as security access management and customer management systems.

Real-time dashboard

CoReceptionist is equipped with an easy to use yet powerful admin portal that allows for extensive customization of the platform to suit the needs of your organization.

Visitor & Guest Image Capture

CoReceptionist has the ability to capture and store a photo of the visitor or guest for easy identification.
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impress your visitors

Customize welcome screen design

Options to customize the welcome screen design, improve the branding of your iPad by adding your corporate logo, slideshow images, Custom Button Labels, color etc.

Employees Directory

Interactive employee directory enables to manage and maintain employee details in one place. Help visitors get to search their host in your facility.

Location Directory

CoReceptionist is a total visitor management system that allows you to manage your Locations, Spaces, Devices and their settings across the organization.

Devices Manager

CoReceptionist allows associating devices (iOS iPad and Android Tablets) to a specific entry point to track visitors entry point in the facility.

Scalable and Flexible

CoReceptionist is capable of being installed on multiple devices, making it highly scalable and flexible for organizations have multiple entrances.

Rich Functionality

CoReceptionist is a total visitor management system that allows you to throw away those old paper logbooks and move into the 21st century.


CoReceptionist is a fully supported application with 24x7 technical support available and regular product updates being released.

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