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CoReceptionist is the front desk companion which simplifies and secures Legal Sector’s visitor management processes.


Legal Sector

CoReceptionist for the Legal Sector

As a legal professional, implementing a digital reception system in your office is the optimal way to increase the security and privacy of your clients and build their confidence in your firm. CoReceptionist automates your office's front desk and frees up valuable time that allows your staff to spend more time defending and building your clientele.
Visitor Management for Legal Services

Legal Sector Features

Digital Records Kept Secure

CoReceptionist safely and securely stores your digital visitor logs in our encrypted cloud ensuring privacy both from visitors to the office as well as those attempting malicious activities remotely.

Maintain Confidentiality

Clients will be reassured of the professionalism and the respect for privacy that your firm instills when you use the CoReceptionist visitor management system.

Documentation Compliance

Use CoReceptionist to track the compliance and signing of important documents during check-in. Documents such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and other legal agreements on contracts.

Regular Visitor Support

Regular visitors to your office can use their email address as a unique identifier for fast-sign on, rather than completing all their details again.

Fully Customisable Interface

CoReceptionist is customizable and scalable which ensures it fits with your firm’s corporate styling and is scalable to meet the needs of local practice or a major city firm.
Single solution for different industries
Universities, Schools & Educational Institutes requires to keep students and faculty safe at campus
Visitor management plays big role at exhibitions, trade shows, and sales booth to connect with visitors.
Manufacturing industries, corporate office & residential buildings need a secure visitor management system.
Keep your security gates, entry points, and front desk secure with smart access control system