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Uninterrupted & Professional Guest Experience

CoReceptionist for Coworking Spaces manages visitors, deliveries and much more. It ensure the free flow of productivity even with constant footfall. 


For Visitors, Deliveries, & Professionals

A coworking office reception is always buzzing from people of all walks of life such as professionals, entrepreneurs, guests, delivery guys, and other personnel.
To streamline the crowd and ensure their agendas are solved, many coworking spaces have already installed the Visitor Management System
CoReceptionist in your coworking space is the best approach to have a safe, secure and impressive guest experience.
Multiple professionals working in a co-working space.

CoReceptionist can make your collaborative workspace boom with productivity and draw more companies and professionals to work with you.

Features for Coworking Spaces

Smooth Emergency Evacuation

In the case of an emergency CoReceptionist makes sure that your employees and visitors are safe by initiating Evacuation mode. Upon activation, CoReceptionist will send an SMS notification to all employees and it will also help you 'mark' yourself ‘safe’.

Kiosk

Digitized sign-in kiosk by CoReceptionist will declutter the mob and help establish a steady meeting between the visitors and the hosts. At the same time maintaining a peaceful atmosphere required for a fruitful workflow.

Detailed/Authentic Visitor Log

Nothing can go wrong with visitor data as everything gets stored in the scalable cloud system. The data is easily accessible when and where-ever needed. The data can be converted into CSV and PDF files. This further ensures a sense of security as well as maintains professionalism.

Customizable Check-in

You can customize the check-in process of all visitors, whether they are here for a formal or casual meeting, or if they are here to deliver a package. In a co-working space, this feature can do wonders, it will help a visitor modify details according to the host or business he/she is there to meet.

ID Badges/Passes & QR Codes

Improve the ability to identify visitors in the co-working lobby with easy and bespoke visitor passes provided by the CoReceptionist solution. A badge includes details and a photo of a visitor. A pre-registration also help in fast check-in procedures, the visitor just has to scan a unique QR Code.