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Scalable, Automated, Safe

Improve the productivity, support administration staff and maintain the security of your manufacturing business with CoReceptionist. A complete visitor management system to replace paper-based logbooks and handle various processes.


CoReceptionist for Manufacturing

CoReceptionist provides your facility with a comprehensive visitor management system that includes features such as a live visitor log, multiple location support, visitor safety compliance, custom visitor passes, and many others. CoReceptionist will ensure that visitors are welcomed and checked in promptly and professionally while maintaining facility visitor compliance and a safe and secure workplace.

Manufacturing Features

Live Visitor Log

CoReceptionist provides a live visitor log that tracks all visitors that are currently attending the facility and has the ability to retrieve historical visitor logs at the click of the button. In addition, access important statistics such as the number of visitors who are currently on site, the number of visitors today and which employees have received the most visitors.

Multiple Location Support

Larger facilities or Manufacturers that have multiple facilities will benefit from CoReceptionist multi-location support. CoReceptionist has the ability for multiple device support for a single subscription, devices can be in a single location for particularly busy receptions or entrances, or geographically dispersed for larger facilities.

Visitor Safety Compliance

Upon visitor arrival, CoReceptionist has the ability to manage the completion of safety compliance forms and tests. Require visitors to sign waivers or complete safety and compliance tests before they are granted access to the facility.

Custom Visitor Passes

CoReceptionist provides visitors with printed badges or passes upon completion of check-in. Passes are customizable through the admin portal to include appropriate corporate branding as well as visitor photographs and barcodes for fast sign out.

Automated Evacuation

CoReceptionist assists with evacuations of your facility so that it is conducted in a safe and timely manner. Upon activation of the evacuation mode, all staff and visitors are sent a notification of the need to evacuate and where they should evacuate to.

Industry Compliance

Remain industry compliant by ensuring all visitors to the facility have the required certifications, security clearance if required and have completed any necessary safety tests or waivers. CoReceptionist fully supports ITAR, C-TPAT, FSMA and PCI standards.
Single solution for different industries
Universities, Schools & Educational Institutes requires to keep students and faculty safe at a campus.
Visitor management plays a big role in exhibitions, trade shows, and sales booth to connect with visitors.
Manufacturing industries, corporate office & residential buildings need a secure visitor management system.
Keep your security gates, entry points, and front desk secure with the smart access control system.