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Touchless Visitor Check-in

Ensure the safety of each visitor that walks in your office and offer them the touchless check-in and check-out experience.


Businesses prosper when they can change and mold themselves when faced with challenges and COVID 19 has pushed leaders around the globe to secure their office premises for their employees and visitors.

We, at CoReceptionist, to cope and accommodate all safety measures that the current situation demands have launched the “Touchless Visitor Check-in” feature.

Here is how it works

It is a hassle-free process that takes only a few seconds to complete.

The visitor has to scan the QR code shown on the left using their mobile or any other device that they are carrying, it redirects the visitor to a URL that opens the check-in process.


Once the process is complete, a new QR code generates on the visitor’s device. Now, the visitor has to scan the new QR code in the CoReceptionist app in the tablet/kiosk at reception. Voila! The visitor has successfully checked in.

The visitor can also sign NDA’s, and even give printing instruction for printing the visitor badge.

The visitors make NO contact with the kiosks/tablets at reception. The Touchless Visitor Check-in feature is available throughout our pricing plans.