3 Reasons why you need a Visitor Management System in Educational Institutes

3 Reasons why you need a Visitor Management System in Educational Institutes

Keeping the logs of visitors in books and journals is an obsolete data storage technique. It is high time to switch to a cloud-based software like Visitor Management System in Educational Institutes, be it schools or colleges. It is a high-tech, customizable, fully secure software to track who goes in and out of the school/college campus.

Apart from providing good education, the other prime focus in picking a school/ college for children is security. Additionally, It is the school’s or any educational facility’s responsibility to have a safe and secure environment for children.

We have heard of many brutal crimes taking place in schools and college campuses all around the world. Even thinking about it strikes terror in the hearts of students, parents, guardians and school/college staff. It is essential to be aware of the high-tech solutions available for safeguarding the interests of educational facilities.

Lets us give you a glimpse of what a Visitor Management System in Educational Institutes such as schools/colleges etc performs.

Know your Visitor

Installing a smart Visitation System you convey that securing educational facilities is one of your top priorities.

This sets out a procedure of filtering the actual intruders from guests or visitors. An individual has to input their details, get a photo id, including the government ID number to authenticate the identity. A person with corrupt intentions will think twice before setting foot on the campus.

Tracking Guest

Once the guest signs-in, they have to mention the intended host, purpose of visit, car license plate number along with other details. The smart tracking feature in Visitor Management software tracks the location of every guest, this gives a real-time view of whether they are doing what they are meant to and aren’t wandering randomly.

The software also notifies that the individual guest to sign-out while exiting the campus. On a different date, you can form a report and analysis of the timestamp of each visitor’s exit and total duration time inside the school building.

Stop Intruders immediately

VMS instantly screens visitors in question against criminal databases like the sex offenders that enables you to know the real identity of the guests. Also, you can have the guest’s rights removed anytime and you can effortlessly modify the blacklist lists to add or ban people.

A multifaceted VMS has several functionalities, and the best part is that you tailor-make it specific to your institutional requirements. It will also keep a record of your administration staff, teaching professionals, bus drivers, contractors, and maintenance staff.

A visitor management software can make any school a top preference among parents. It is not just about imparting good education but also about providing a secure and safe environment.