Visitor Management Software for CoWorking Spaces

Visitor Management Software for CoWorking Spaces

To streamline the chaos, as an owner you must install a Visitor Management Software for CoWorking spaces. In a coworking space, there will always be a large group of people coming in for various purposes. They can be professionals coming to meet companies, or guests, families, and even to hand out the deliveries. 

We are constantly witnessing the technological advancements taking place in and around us. Moreover, the working styles and spaces are evolving due to globalization allowing creative freedom. Taking about locations the coworking industry is growing at a steady pace all over the world. Traditional style cubicles are a thing of the past.

Coworking spaces have individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses working for different clientele under one roof. This equips a business or an individual professional to do more with fewer resources. 

For instance- there are fewer overhead costs, a space specific to a number of people and duration, & Collaboration within different businesses and individuals.

Here are the reasons why you need a Visitor Management Software for Co-Working Spaces-

1. Easy Sign-in

A guest can register themselves at the VMS kiosk, without disturbing people nearby. They have to fill in all their details and have their picture taken, also stating who they are here to meet. Next, they receive a QR code via SMS, so when the same guest visits again, he/she has to scan their QR code and all their details will appear instantly. A simple and smart solution.

2. Tailored Notification

Once the guest registration is done, immediately the host receives an SMS or an e-mail notification. Parties will be together in the lobby or meeting area within minutes. Thus implementing a smooth interaction that is far more professional and less time-consuming.

3. The Delivery 

Imagine, a courier guy comes in and then spots you first and starts enquiring about a person for whom the parcel is? You have been successfully distracted, and you wouldn’t like it, right? 

In the other scenario, the courier guy will register himself at the VMS kiosk, the person receives the notification for whom the delivery is and VOILA! The task is done, package received.

4. Emergency Evacuations

The mere sound of a terrifying fire alarm can instill panic in our hearts! Consequently, in a coworking space, panic can make people uneasy.

A Visitor Management Software for co-working spaces can play an utmost important role in critical situations. In addition, it will have the database of each and everyone working and visiting, it will notify everyone for a quicker and safer evacuation. VMS ensures everybody’s safety.

If you are a part of the coworking industry it is high time you adapt to the VMS technology to give your clients and their visitors a hassle-free & a great welcoming experience at the same time safeguarding the premise.