5 ways to WOW Interviewees at the Office Reception

5 ways to WOW Interviewees at the Office Reception

Employees are an important asset to the company. That is why hiring and retaining the right talent is extremely crucial for an organization over the globe. Interviews are an important HR activity carried out to hire talent. The moment the interviewees set foot in they start developing an impression about your company. After all, they have to think about their professional and personal growth.

To nail the first impressions, you can leave all your worry to a visitor management system. A modern visitation system is not limited to welcoming the visitors but it can simplify a lot of day to day operations.

Let’s discuss how you can automate the welcoming procedure during back to back interviews.

  • Fast Check-in


By installing a visitor management system, only with a few taps, an interviewee can fill in their details. For instance, name, mobile number, address, etc. This speeds up the check-in process without forming any sort of queues. This ensures that as a company you care about your interviewee’s time as well


  • Signing NDA


Along with the filling of general information, you can include multiple agreements that need to be acknowledged by the interviewee before entering office premises. This can be related to safety or a code of conduct or sharing any information. 


  • Revisiting Interviewees


A general interview consists of 3 rounds, but it can include more rounds as well. You don’t want the interviewee to type his details every time they visit for the next round. Introducing QR codes, you can share it via email or a text message with interviewees, so when they come for round 2 or 3, they scan the QR code and that’s it.


  • Preparing Questionnaire


Suppose you have multiple vacancies you can create as many fields in the sign-in fields to streamline the interview process. You can ask the basic questions, for instance, how many years of experience you have? years of experience, last employer, salary expectation and many more. Therefore, the discussion between interviewer and interviewee can proceed further.


  • Polished first impressions


 The visitor management will greet interviewees with a modern sign-in that displays your brand’s dynamic personality through a bespoke welcome screen. Once through with the sign-in process you can print badges on the spot. You might have nailed the first impressions quite well. According to a survey conducted by Monster, an online job portal 35% would turn down a job if they didn’t like the reception area and 51% would turn down a job if they were kept waiting too long in reception


  • Host Notification


You can assign the host based on the visitor type. Once the interviewee checks-in, executives from the HR department will be listed, and the interviewee can select the host from that particular list. Instantly the HR executive will be notified of the interviewee’s arrival and tey can further proceed with the interview process.


The key to a high-functioning recruitment team and workplace is having the right software. The visitor Management system is a wonder that secures your office, takes care of visitors including interviewees, deliveries, etc.  Want to see what a modern visitation system can do for you, try a 14 day free trial period today.