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Can I add a custom field to the check-in process for the visitors?

Do you want to know more about the visitor whilst the check-in process?
Add as many custom fields of questions for each visitor type. The nature of the question can vary too and will apply to all visitor types based on their categories.
For instance, the visitor type- Interviewee check-in.
Apart from asking the basic details such as
First Name-
Last Name-
Email Id
You can also add a question like-
Which position you here to apply for? Or Last Employer Or even how many years of experience they have?
Custom Fields interview
Here are steps-
In Navigational Panel-
Configuration>Interviewee>Edit>Visitor Sign In Fields>Sign in form fields>Add a New Field (Drop Down Menu)
Choose ‘Single Choice Field’
A field appears with multiple options for answers-
For example, your question is ‘Which position you are here to apply for?’
Options you can add-
Sales Executive
Marketing Manager
Business Development Executive
Use ‘+Add Option’ to add more positions.
Click”Save Visitor Type” to save the changes you made
Now what will happen is, when the interviewee checks-in, all the questions you asked will appear on the screen.
As a result, this streamlines the process & saves time. Further, it also sets a great impression on the visitor, in this case, the interviewee. Different industrial sectors have different parameters that they need to set for visitor entry. We at CoReceptionist understand, evaluate and create custom fields as per your requirements.
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