Automate Common Office Tasks- 5 Automation Tools

Automate Common Office Tasks- 5 Automation Tools

Today, to stay consistent an organization has to automate processes that it possesses the technology for. It makes much more sense to automate common office tasks as many of these are repetitive in nature and makes it less of a burden to the management.

Let’s have the look at the below list to Automate Common Office Tasks


#1 Reception Area


A traditional reception area would consist of a live receptionist and a paper-based logbook to sign-in. These are the days in the past.

It is time to fully automate your office reception by implementing a robust, cloud-based Visitor Management System. The visitors can sign-in using a tablet with a visitation system, digitally sign NDAs and get their badges all at one go.

CoReceptionist, a visitor management system, today is being implemented in hospitals, manufacturing companies, law firms, and other industry verticals all over the globe. It is an easy, secure, and modern VMS that provides end-to-end automation of the visitor registration process including, sign-in, onboarding, and sign-out.

#2 Data back-up


Scheduling automatic data back-ups is a must for all organizations given the increase in cyber threats. So, cloud services like IDrive, Dropbox, Carbonite offer periodic data back-ups, and the user will always have complete access to the up-to-date files.

Cloud Services are an excellent option for providing additional security for businesses to secure their important data and to ensure the availability of the same, in case of on-premise or physical data disasters.

#3 Accounting Automation


Accounting automation automates the manual elements of an accountant’s workday, i.e, paying bills, managing invoices, and keeping track of receipts and transactions.

There are several accounting tools available for the organization of all sizes. Some of the best accounting software by BusinessNewsDaily are Plooto, Intuit Quickbooks, Freshbooks, ZohoBooks, and more.

#4 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 


A CRM system consists of an analysis of all the acquired or to be acquired customers. This helps in reduced searching and connecting customers and to anticipate customer needs efficiently and increase business. Furthermore, these CRM’s can send automated messages, simplify workflows, and provide you useful insights to help you decide the allocation of your sales and marketing resources.

#5 Social Media Management


A social media presence is a must for all companies today. To be in constant touch with your audiences and followers on social media, you have to keep posting on daily basis.

To ease up your work, Buffer Publish, Hootsuite, Zoho, MeetEdgar, Loomly, Sendible are some of the best social media management tools your team can use to automatically publish the posts.

Here are some of the top benefits to automate common office tasks


  • Get rid of the Paper Documents

It is time to go digital. It is so much easy to store data on your computer systems and easier to search for the information when needed. No more going through heaps of paper, or spending money on printing and on retrieval of the document due to wear-and-tear. 

  • Unlocking Employee Potential

Another great advantage of automation is that you can utilize your employees’ true potential where it is more needed. For example, to create and implement business plans, work on cost reduction, and make important decisions.

  • Enhance your Business Predictions

BPA, Business Process Automation, provides with all the tools the company needs to keep track of data, round the clock. It presents you with accurate data and the business’s future projections, needs, and revenue. 

  • Let automated systems save money, while you rest

  A human is not designed to function 24*7 but a machine is. So even when you are sleeping or taking your time off work, you can configure the processes to work continuously.