Benefits of a Visitor Management System in Hospitals

Benefits of a Visitor Management System in Hospitals

The visitor management system in hospitals is the need of the hour and can offer incredible benefits apart from automating the front desk.

Hospitals, clinics, health care centers, and facilities need to have great welcome ethics and technology to greet visitors, doctors, staff, and admit patients into the facility.  The front desk in hospitals is the first and last point of contact between the hospital staff and patients or visitors. 

The unchecked footfall throughout the day in the hospitals can pose a security threat to the facility and its employees. It can range from theft of supplies to violence. Moreover, the patient’s privacy can be at risk too, and thus the healthcare facilities need to have details of people checking in and out. 

A patient or a visitor when visiting your clinic or health center deserves to have a warm and safe welcome. Be it a vast or compact, maintaining a good standard of hospitality and safety in the clinic is essential.


What are some primary challenges faced by hospitals today?


  • As mentioned earlier, hospitals and health care facilities receive heavy footfall each day. These include patients, visitors, and staff. Although it is beneficial for patients to have their loved ones visit them, it can be a hassle for the hospital. 
  • Many state-of-the-art health facilities and clinics still rely on paper-based visitor logbooks that are not only unreliable and are prone to wear and tear.
  • Hospitals have multiple entrances and exit points, with no technology in place it is prone to accidents and mishappenings.
  • Most hospitals use hand-written guest/ visitor badges which is time-consuming and further compromises the security of the facility.
  • In the wake of the global pandemic, it is more than important to maintain social distancing and allow a very limited number of people into the hospital, without the right technology in place, the health of everyone present on the premise is compromised.
  • Another crucial task is to meet with various laws and regulatory policies mandated by the government and other administrative institutions. Non-compliance can cost labor, money, and reputation.


Now to resolve these challenges effectively, here are the benefits of Visitor Management System in Hospitals


  • Quick and Easy Check-in

Visitors can check-in using the self-help kiosk or tablets at the hospital reception. You don’t have to deal with paper, pens, and unreadable handwriting, anymore. The visitors will themselves input all their information in the tablet or kiosk, including

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Name of Person they are here to visit
  • Purpose of visit, etc.

And the better part is that the entire process takes up only a few seconds, that further keeps your front-desk vacant.

  • Pre-registration & Touchless Visitor Entry

With a visitor management system, you can pre-register the visitors. Once the visitor arrives at the hospital premises, all they have to do is scan a QR Code that they received in the invitation and that is it. It is a fine example of how to automate your hospital reception.

Additionally, it will help in minimizing the touchpoints, which is a necessity given the Coronavirus situation.

  • Ensure Compliance

Health care facilities require visitors to sign on many NDA, health-related questionnaires, waivers, and other legal documents to gain entry into the organization. Signing each NDA, waiver, etc, is a task, and difficult to keep track of whether each document has been read and signed.

With a visitor management system in place, you can include the legal document as part of the sign-in process, where visitors can digitally sign the same.

  • Professional Visitor Badges

Another advantage of having a visitor management system in hospitals is that once the visitor completes the sign-in process, he/she will be prompted by the visitation system to capture their image for the visitor badge.

The visitor badge will have all the credentials to the visitor for easy recognition, and it will further state the name of the patient or their host they are here to meet.

  • Evacuation and Emergency Response

The cloud-based SAAS visitor management systems have a database of all the visitors, patients, staff present on the hospital premises. In times of emergency, it makes evacuation effortless, since it is easy to locate people.

The visitor management system can further send emergency evacuation notifications to each individual who is registered and is present on the premises.

  • Instant Host Notification

Once the visitor specifies the host they are to meet, the host (employee or staff member) receives an instant notification. They will receive e-mail or SMS notifications informing them of the arrival of the visitor.

This again saves a lot of time and effort and speeds up the meeting process.


Key Takeaways for Visitor Management System in Hospitals


  • Implementing a robust visitor management system in hospitals strengthens security and minimizes expenditure. 
  • It uncomplicates the compliance process.
  • Installing the visitation system also at all entry and exit points can ensure that visitors do not overstay their visit.
  • It will give a real-time count of people present on the hospital premises.
  • The automatic printing of high-quality visitor badge makes it easy to recognize visitors
  • Zero-touch entry with a visitor management system can decrease the touching of surfaces.
  • The host receives an instant notification on the visitor’s arrival.
  • Visitors can digitally sign the legal document.


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