CoReceptionist Application Released

With much anticipation, CoReceptionist, a visitor management system (VMS) has been finally released in the market. Furthermore, it is already well-received. This Visitor Management System automates and streamlines the end-to-end visitor management process.

CoReceptionist has revolutionary features including

  • Custom visitor passes
  • Employee notifications
  • Digitized Document signing
  • Compliance
  • External systems connectivity &
  • A simple, modern and customizable user interface. 

The VMS App is compatible with iPad/ Android Tablets. This allows easy management of visitors and their data throughout all office locations. It is evident from the below testimonials that the App is a hot commodity. The organizations as well as the visitors are enjoying CoReceptionist system.

 Perry Morris, CoReceptionist Business User says-

“After CoReceptionist released, we deployed it in our organization’s office and the response has been incredible, our front desk staff loves it because it saves them so much time when checking a visitor in and I love it because I now have real-time visibility into the visitors that are in our office.”

 Andrew Milne, a visitor to an office using CoReceptionist-

“As a sales rep, I visit a lot of locations. When I walked into one of my customer’s offices the other day and I was shown an iPad instead of a paper logbook to sign in I was blown away. The system was so easy to use and better yet it remembers my details so I can just use my email address to sign in next time.”

Creators of this incredible VMS had these words to say at the product launch-

“CoReceptionist is an exceptional visitor management system. Our team has worked round the clock over the last 12 months, to produce an application that has unique features. We know exactly what our customers have been calling out for the longest time.”

Other features that CoReceptionist has are-

  • Evacuation mode 
  • Black and white visitor lists to track visitors that are banned from the access or always allowed 
  • Real-time visitor reporting
  • Fast sign out with Bar-code, Email address 

All CoReceptionist subscriptions include full technical support and the application will have a continuous release cycle. This will update and over the time expand the application’s capabilities

Download CoReceptionist from the App Store today.

To find out more about the release of CoReceptionist, or, to deploy it in your organizations please contact us on