Delight your visitors from pre-registration to goodbye

Delight your visitors from pre-registration to goodbye

Delight your visitors from pre-registration to goodbye

Organizations are acknowledging the awful state of manual visitor management and are swiftly accepting automated visitor management solutions such as CoReceptionist. With CoReceptionist which is an integrated software enabling smooth visitor management, you can easily say bye to paper-based visitor logs, enhance security, boost productivity and handle your visitor’s check-in procedures.

How Automated Visitor Management Systems Empower your Staff and Delight Visitors?

The paper-based visitor logs offer limited capabilities and to even come close would need a lot of custom printed forms and major inputs from your front office employees. Automated visitor management systems are the just right front-end companion that can entirely automate the visitor check-in process, helping the office staff and delighting the visitors completely.

Automated visitor management solutions even routinely notify staff of the visitor’s arrival, by both SMS and email. This further decrease the overall workload of front desk staff and make sure employees are communicated even if they are not near to their desks. Visitor management software even improves building safety and security along with increasing the employee efficiencies.

How Streamlining the Sign-in Process Assists Visitors

No matter how you utilize it, pre-registration is the simplest way to speed up the sign-in process. Any time you pre-register a guest, you will record their name and their host. So even if that is all you do, they will still miss out one of the steps while sign-in.

However, you can do even more to save efforts and time. By sending guests the pre-registration SMS or an email, so they have the option to offer all of their visitor information. When they arrive, they can rush in through the sign-in procedure as they will skip the steps they already did. Additionally, you can pre-register several guests at a time, making it ideal for groups.

Here are some of the key features of CoReceptionist which can delight your visitor’s right from pre-registration to goodbye –

  • Enhances the Process with Visitor Pre-registrations

In a busy lobby, using CoReceptionist can reduce visitor check-in time and lobby jamming. Since the visitor can be pre-registered through our system, the receptionist can effortlessly manage the visitor registrations.

You can invite your likely or important visitors using pre-registration procedure, which automatedly sends a custom email with details of the meeting, the geolocation, the welcome notes and connection details with the host through our Visitor Management System.

  • Backs with Automatic Host Notifications

Automatic registering of all the visitors and notifying employees through our system makes sure that our client will have a centralized and inclusive record of the visitor traffic. CoReceptionist automatically notifies concerned employees through email, SMS or Slack when visitors arrive saving significant time and efforts of front office staff which indirectly increases the productivity of the employees.

  • Improves Security with Visitor and Guest Badges

The visitor’s badges assist in preventing guests from overstay and boosting security on site. Our system generates visitor and guest badges so that your visitors do not have to worry about the same. The design and layout of the visitor badges are totally customizable and can be tailored as per your office requirements.

  • Effectively meet the Legal and Compliance Requirements

At CoReceptionist, we can realize the impact that compliance requirements have on any of the businesses. Our software solutions can enable you to remain compliant and make sure appropriate governance with a number of features that come as a fundamental benchmark with CoReceptionist Visitor Management System.

  • Modernize the System with Custom Designing of the Welcome Screen

CoReceptionist is advanced software for modernized management of the lobby. A choice to tailor the welcome screen design, enhance the branding of your system by adding your corporate logo, slide show images, adapted button labels, and different colors.

  • Empowers with numerous Languages Support

CoReceptionist advance productivity and services to the clients. It can give visitors the selection to sign in with diverse languages. It supports numerous languages which include English, German, French as well as Spanish.

Key Takeaways

It may be tough to accept as true, but there are still companies who utilize old-fashioned paper guest books to record details and log their visitors. Not only are they extremely time consuming, but they are tough to handle. It is even stiff to know that you have specifically documented each individual who has entered the office. Apparently, there are many major issues with using obsolete manual-logging systems.

However, with CoReceptionist Visitor Management System, you can now delight your visitors with automated visitor management solutions managing the procedure from pre-registration to goodbye which enhance the productivity of your front desk. A lot of organizations have adopted this technology, so the bar has been already raised and you don’t want to be left at the back.