Reasons You Should Switch To Digital Visitor Log

Reasons You Should Switch To Digital Visitor Log

Reasons You Should Switch To Digital Visitor Log

The traditional version of a visitor management system is the sign-in sheet which comes as a piece of paper typically kept on a clipboard at the front desk. When a visitor comes, they write down their names, who they want to meet with current and end time. Then the receptionist sitting at the front desk communicates with the host that the precise visitor is waiting in the office lobby. At some point of time, the sign-in sheet gets filed – done all manually and many times get into rags, and a new sheet shows up on the clipboard to record the subsequent one.

Digital Visitor Log and Visitor Management System

With the help of a digital visitor log, you can manage your visitors digitally instead of manually filling all the details. The visitor management system improves the security of your office as well as lobby automatically handling the arrival and departure of all visitors effectively.

A visitor management system is easy, secure and advanced in enabling end-to-end automation of the visitor registration procedure which comprises the automated sign-in process, onboarding, and sign-out. Here are the key reasons you should switch to a digital visitor log or an advanced visitor management system.

  • Enables higher security of data and information

We all work with confidential documents; have intellectual property and business secrets. Would you want someone from the outside drifting into your office and discovering your company’s secrets? The answer would be of course not.

Your lobby plays a key role in your company office security. That comprises keeping your organization’s data and information secure. And a digital visitor log system can always assist.

  • Supports employee evacuation situation

No one likes to think about it however emergencies can happen such as fires, civil disturbances, the occurrence of workplace hostility, and so on. And when those emergencies occur, you require knowing who’s in your office so you can do the whole lot in your powers to keep them in safe hands.

With a visitor management system, you have the information accessible at your fingertips concerning who is exactly where on your premises. This makes sure everyone on your premises is safe and sound in an emergency situation.

  • Quick to respond and help in initiating needed actions

A digital visitor log management system is swift in response and triggering actions needed in an emergency situation. The CoReceptionist, our visitor management software system responds well in any of the situations. You need just to welcome the visitor to the office and CoReceptionist system does the rest. It takes just 20 seconds to inspect the delivery and do the rest by CoReceptionist.

  • Easy and effective to use

The paper visitor logs which simply get messed up, lost or destroyed are things of the past. The digital visitor log or a visitor management app is the new outlook for automatically handling the arrival and departure of visitors.

  • Avoid keeping guests waiting

With automated notifications through SMS or text and with quick sign-in procedures using the application saves the important time of guests and other involved stakeholders.

  • Supporting and enabling returning visitors

There is no need for the repeated visitors to fill all their details and information again. As by retrieving their required past information through the visitor management system automatically, saves their on-boarding time in office and efforts put in every time.

Key Takeaways

No company wants to look conventionally shaped, particularly when it comes to technology. You want to look modern and up-to-the-minute. You want to demonstrate your customers, the job applicants, and all the stakeholders that you are on the cutting edge with digital transformations.

CoReceptionist accelerates your front desk procedures. It ensures that the visitor registration is concluded precisely and the employee they are visiting is swiftly communicated of their arrival.

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