Design Welcome Screen- Feature Update

Design Welcome Screen- Feature Update
The logo is how the audience recognizes you as a brand. A business should make sure that the logo is at all business fronts to establish its knowability. CoReceptionist’s feature update to design a welcome screen is a smart move. As an organization, you can customize and design your welcome screen in unique ways. Let your guest connect with your company once he enters the door.
A company creates its name, symbol or design that is identifiable. The logo of the company is what helps identify it and distinguish it from competitors. CoReceptionist realizes the importance of presenting a business to the world through branding.
Let’s give you a tour-
  1. In the blue panel on the left, under ‘Settings’ you will find ‘Brand & Design’
  2. Under 3 tabs ‘Screen Design’, ‘Button Text & Color’ and ‘Screen Saver Images’ you can make changes.
  3. There will be a preview available and it will display the ongoing changes.
  4. Once you click ‘Save’ the changes will reflect in real-time.
  5. You can also view how your screen will look in ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape’ mode

CoReceptionist’s Designing Welcome Screen offers easy and instant modification options. Include your logo, brand values, greetings and express yourself through your welcome screen to the world. From ITAR U.S. citizenship confirmation to capture an image and NDA signing. CoReceptionist continues to add features to help your business stay secure.
In case you are wondering, this feature is available across all our plans and for no extra charges. Get a 14-Days ALL inclusive free trial TODAY