5 Reasons Why Visitors Hesitate Sharing Personal Data At Front-Desk

5 Reasons Why Visitors Hesitate Sharing Personal Data At Front-Desk

Almost as a ritual, in a company, the front desk authenticates the visitor’s identity by asking their information. It is the first line of defense for organizations. It is but justifiable. 

Now let take a  moment and be in your visitor’s shoes. Going by the traditional methods, asked to produce an ID, you too will fumble before presenting the same. That too in front of a total stranger. Providing a great front desk experience is very important for companies. That is how you build upon your clients.

Let’s understand the reasons why visitors will not readily share their personal information.


unnecessary data collection

Visitors may feel it is inappropriate and unnecessary to ask for their IDs when they have come for an official meeting.

You don’t want to agitate visitors, not good at all for them and the company. To tackle a situation like this, you can install a Visitor Management. It is a great way to welcome your guests. They will enter details by themselves. As a company, you can customize the question you want to ask and id you want to have to verify the guest.  This way the visitor will present what is necessary.  

CoReceptionist is a smart VMS solution that takes care of visitors and the company’s interest. As an organization, you can customize the questionnaire, include NDA and video inductions.

2. Storing and collecting their Personal data-

collecting data

Companies, almost all of them, store the data they collect from the visitors. This can be for the following purposes-

  • send out offers and discounts
  • to improve customer experience through feedback.
  • refining marketing strategies, etc.

Other uses include selling data to 3rd party and in this case, the visitors may be bombarded with emails upon emails and calls upon calls. 

With CCPA into action, customers can ask the websites to stop selling their personal data and companies will have to comply. Non-compliance will result in hefty fines.

4. They feel it is rude-

receptionist and visitor

The security systems are important, that is true of course. A company should strive for a balance between securing premises and treating visitors with respect.

At no point should a guest feel uncomfortable or to say humiliated. To attend a simple meeting, guests don’t expect a thorough check-up. Most of them find it reasonable when it comes to basic security checks. On the other hand, guests also don’t want to be made to feel like criminals.

Thus it becomes all the more important to lend a smooth visitor experience.  A Visitor management system like CoReceptionist will integrate well with your reception. A kiosk or tablet with simple yet corrective security measures is all you need for your organization.

4. Wastage of time-

“Time is money” haven’t we heard this phrase a lot, and it holds so much importance!

It is crucial to understand how valuable time is whether it is yours or your visitors.  The check-in processes are time-consuming. And if they are paper-based, you will witness long queues of guests at the reception.   This can lead to a delay in the meeting, ruining the purpose of the visit in the first place.

Other reasons that are culprits in the loss of time and money are-

  • receptionist unable to contact the host.
  • filling one form after another.
  • receptionist being unaware about the meetings
  • being asked a lot of questions

Other reasons included –

  • queues at front desks
  • unavailability of host
  • too many forms to fill in
  • receptionist now aware about meeting

To put an end to this chaos, a VMS like CoReceptionist offers-

CoReceptionist Features for Visitor's Personal data

  • digital check-in and check-out
  • Instant host notification
  • pre-registration and group sign-ins
  • Digital signatures

Set the best of first impressions and streamline the activities with CoReceptinist.

5. Their Right to Data Privacy-

Protecting personal data

Today data is one of the most valuable resources globally.

And that is the prime reason that over 80 countries around the world have outlined data privacy regulations to guard it. You may have already heard about the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI) acts, for example. Additionally,  the EU has been stringently implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fines recently.

As a result, most of your visitors feel firm about data privacy. Even if you persuade them to share their basic details like to write down their names on paper-based logbooks, you should equip yourself for those who secure their private data strongly.

Wondering how to keep visitors happy but still be able to collect their personal information?    

Well, above we listed reasons why guests don’t want to leave their personal information at the front desk. But we all know that as an organization, you must have their personal data, for various business reasons. 

Now for a perfect equilibrium, where you don’t make them feel uncomfortable and yet have your work done- we have multiple solutions for you.

  • Deploy a visitor management system that preserves your visitors’ privacy. Get one right away. Your guests will feel assured that their data is being protected.
  • Take a big leap from old and unreliable paper-based visitor sign-in books and switch to digital one. Digital check-in offers more privacy and is also easier to fill in.
  • Collect only the basic data you need. Vow to not use personal data to violate your guest’s privacy.  

CoReceptionist can safeguard your visitors’ data and is compliance-friendly.  Start your free trial right away and make your visitors feel safe and secure.