Kisi Integration

The modern cloud-based access control system

CoReceptionist integration with Kisi lets you completely automate the door access control for your unannounced or instant visitors. All you need to do is:

  • Connect Kisi to CoReceptionist
  • Configure which Kisi groups has access rules for your Visitors
  • Every time any unannounced Visitor come to your facility, onboarding them with CoReceptionist app will automatically send visitor entry to Kisi.

As a result, from now on, you don’t have to worry for manually register an unannounced visitors to Kisi group anymore. CoReceptionist will do that automatically for you!

What is Kisi?

Kisi provides software that is the dashboard for your doors. Once installed, Kisi allows everyone to access doors using their mobile device.

  • Instantly issue or revoke smartphone keys to your space
  • Easily group your members based on membership tier or time-based restrictions
  • Unlock your space remotely
  • Access rights for all your spaces can easily be controlled in the Kisi porta
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How to connect CoReceptionist and Kisi

Follow this link to easily connect CoReceptionist with Kisi.