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The CoReceptionist application is available in Apple’s App Store for iPad and Google Play Store for Tablets. Add & Move devices in your CoReceptionist’s account.

How to Add Devices


Step 1:

You will receive an Activation Code from the device during the installation for the first time.

home screen
Step 2:

Log-in to CoReceptionist’s Dashboard and choose the desired company location from the top panel.


top panel

Step 3:

Click on Devices in the left panel.

Side bar

Step 4:

Click “Add Device”

Add & move device

Step 5:

A pop-up screen will appear on your screen. Next, enter your 6 digit activation code and click on sync wait for device validation. On successful validation of the activation code with the device, there’s an option to give a short description for your device.

There is yet another section called ‘Device Location’. If you have already set up your location directory, the Location fields will show as pulldowns.

You can use to select what physical location (which campus, building, floor and room) this device is attached to. Make sure you are selecting the correct room for the device as it will log visit records to that location.

How to add & move devices- app screenshot

How to Move Your Device

You can move a device to a different campus, floor, room. Here are easy to follow steps.

Step 1

Log-in to CoRecepitionist’s dashboard and click on Devices in the left panel.


How to add & move devices- app screenshot side bar
Step 2

A list of your connected devices will be displayed. You can move the chosen device to another location by clicking on “Edit Device”.


How to add & move devices- app screenshot-Edit Location Device


Step 3

Choose the desired new location and it will automatically sync with the device.


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