Most Common Office Reception Problems

Most Common Office Reception Problems
How many times have you visited other receptions and came with a YAY or NAY experience? And how many times have your office’s reception made a hit and a miss impression on others? Office reception problems are prevalent all over.
Now you may wonder, why the emphasis is on the reception area. Since it’s not the destination but a stop your way in and out. The mistake we make is not giving it less or no importance at all. An office reception with aesthetics shows you care for whoever sets foot through the front door. That is how businesses make lasting impressions.
On the contrary, crowded lobby, unattended guest, delivery personnel queuing up. You don’t want to stumble upon a situation chaotic situations like these. Not as a visitor or as an owner of a company.
These facts are the best representation
In a recent survey of the 2,000 US and UK office workers
1. Over 70 percent (71.48%) cited unfriendly receptionists
2. (53.78%) lackluster welcome, as top reasons for their bad experience. Source-Agility PR Solutions
Bar Graph related to unhappy visitors with traditional reception.The following are the basis of common office reception problems. We will list the solutions to how CoReceptionist will guarantee a great welcome.

1. Unfriendly Receptionist

  • Upon entering the lobby and greeted (or not) by a grumpy receptionist. That is not exactly the way you were looking to begin your meeting.
  • A receptionist’s job is not easy, to be always smiling and pleasant is rather daunting. Thus, many visitors have a bitter experience where the receptionist was unpleasant.
Kiosks/ iPad/ Tablet installed with Coreceptionist will greet visitors with a welcome message. You can customize the welcome screen as you want with the company logo.

2. Incoordination

  • A visitor comes in to meet an employee of your company. Registers himself in the paper log and later, he comes to know that the employee is not present in the office.
  • Even the receptionist has no clue about where the employee is. how frustrating that is.
  • Many a time the receptions crowded. The receptionist is fumbling upon every word and trying to do his/her bit to resolve all queries.
Once the visitor sign-in and along with the name of the host. CoReceptionist’s App will send the host notification n visitor’s arrival. Even if there is a huge event, there is group sign-in available. So, no waiting, no queues, and smooth coordination.

3. Office Ambience

Minimal, contemporary and green, should be the decor theme for an office. The visitor should feel the sophistication. Another very important yet neglected factor is air conditioning. Maintain a steady temperature. Neither too hot nor too cold.
You can
  • Install Planters and rugs
  • Offer refreshments in case the visitors have to wait.
  • Seating is a no brainer. Get comfortable sofa sets, ottomans, and sectionals sets
Lose the bulky systems and declutter your reception area. A minimalistic Visitor Management System will allow your reception to breathe.

4. The Gadget Game

  • If you are still using paper-based guestbooks, we say GO PAPERLESS
  • In case the host is running late if visitors have automatic wi-fi connectivity, we are sure they won’t mind waiting.
We at CoReceptionist know the needs of an organization. A reception area with an iPad/tablet makes the sign-in procedure effortless! And, our app offers easy and secure integration of Wi-fi.


5. Security


In a paper-based logbook, it so much easy to get details of visitors who signed in before others. The information is crucial to the company but it is available to everyone visiting.
A multifaceted VMS like CoReceptionist secures and stores visitor data. We make sure anyone who sets foot on your office premises has only the best interests vested. You can blacklist and whitelist visitors.
These issues will keep resurfacing if your company doesn’t break traditional practices. No matter what your industry type is, Coreceptionist is thoroughly customizable. It will according to your business needs. Industrial sectors like
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • CoWorking Spaces, &
  • Residential complex and many others are introducing Coreceptionist in their lobby/ reception areas.