Video-Based Visitor Induction & Multiple Agreements- Feature Update

Video-Based Visitor Induction & Multiple Agreements- Feature Update
It is exciting to keep updating interesting features that add value to your organization. This creates ease of process for the company and enhances the visitor experience. Today’s features update is about Video-Based Visitor Induction & Multiple Agreements.

Let’s talk about Video-based Visitor Induction.

Video Induction
Videos with a compelling storyline always grip the attention of the viewer, we all know that for a fact. Now, inculcating well-made videos for
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Security protocols
  • Company Code of conduct, or
  • Agreements, etc, will be easy to remember for visitors. Since it is a video, it will be more convenient for them to review the parts that need more attention.
This feature best suits the visitors, i.e, Interviewee, regular visitors, & contract-based personnel. Furthermore, during group log-ins during events, you can customize this feature.

Multiple Agreements

Digital Signature on an agreement
Having more options is always helpful. Admins can include more than one agreement that needs signatures for entering the company. It may need visitors to tick boxes, or digitally sign the agreements or contracts.
In the left navigational panel, click Configurations > Agreements.
You can add as many agreements as you want, along with formats-text or video. Also to which visitor type it is applicable is also an option. However, when it comes to delivery personnel & employees, you can disable the tab.

Advantages of Video-Based Visitor Induction & Multiple Agreements

Firstly, interactive and interesting content will capture the attention of the visitor. Secondly, visitors can review videos many times, to focus on the parts that they need the most help with. Thirdly, as a company, it is your job to keep everyone who walks into your premises safe. Furthermore, to make visitors aware you need to make sure they know

  • Potential hazards,
  • Accessible factory areas
  • How to operate tools and machinery.
CoReceptionist ensures that all relevant visitors have seen your safety video.
The feature is available across all our plans for free. 
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