Secure your office and bring it into the 21st century

Secure your office and bring it into the 21st century

Keeping your office secure may be a requirement of specific regulations or maybe security is just personally important to you. Whatever the case how you manage visitors to your office is just as important a consideration as any security or camera system.

Paper based log books are the visitor management system of old, they are often poorly maintained, inaccurate and gave visitors a glimpse at everyone else that had visited that day or even that week.

If you are currently running a secure facility or office then it is likely that the overheads on the front desk in both time and money is considerable. Resources spent producing visitor access passes, ensuring the visitors have correct access to the facility, and ensuring they pass safety and security checks are resources that are wasted.
An automated visitor management system frees up these resources to focus on more business critical areas. Systems like the CoReceptionist visitor system are packed with features that assist in securing your facility and providing a professional experience to all visitors.

CoReceptionist includes features that are designed to assist in securing your facility:

Visitor Pass with Photo Identification: Each visitor can be provided with a visitor pass that includes a photo so that they can easily be identified wherever they are in the facility.

Black & White Lists: Black and White lists can be created and managed to easily allow visitors to be permitted access or blocked from the site. This can save valuable time in performing necessary background checks and ensuring your facility remains secure.

External Systems Integration: CoReceptionist can be integrated with other systems to provide a seamless visitor experience. These systems include security gates and access systems, notifications systems and systems for performing background cheques.

Industry Regulation Compliance: CoReceptionist is fully compliant with ITAR, C-TPAT and FSMA and is likely to be compliant with any other industry regulations that require the tracking of visitors or visitor verification.

Increasing the security of your facility and bringing it into the 21st century is easily done by implementing an automated visitor management system like CoReceptionist. Say goodbye to paper-based visitor logs, exhausting check-in processes and say hello to automation, efficiency and convenience. Your visitors will thank you for it.