Visitation System or VMS for Residential Sectors

Visitation System or VMS for Residential Sectors

Today’s scenario is such that safeguarding oneself and people we know is very important. Since companies, schools, and all public places are taking measures to ensure the safety of the place and people. A digitized Visitor Management System or VMS for residential Sectors is a necessity. Moreover, the residential sector should no longer depend on old school methods of surveillance.

We come across news of thefts, kidnapping, and other related crimes daily, happening in high rise apartments and other residential settings. Home is where one feels safe and the exposure to any mishappening gives nightmares to the residents. VMS is one of the most preferred software and is highly valued in commercial, educational and healthcare sectors.  

VMS is an intellectual, cloud-software that maintains and records Visitor Information such as their photo, mobile number, vehicle number, their entry and exit time, etc. These records are helpful in case of any questionable incident and/or if the identity of a visitor is required later.

Here is why VMS for Residential Sectors is important

Easy Access

The best bit about VMS is that it is easy to operate. A regular security person or front office executive can access this software with minimum training.

Unique Identification

Yet another great feature is that it is highly customizable. The owner can input questions to gather even the tiny details. For example, each flat / house can be uniquely distinguished with the flat owner and his/her family members and mobile number to send SMS and alerts about the visitor. It will also notify the entry and exit timings via messages.

Easy steps to create Visitor Pass

The visitor has to enter details like his name, mobile numbers, Government ID details and will have their photo clicked. Next, they will enter the name and a flat number of the person to whom they want to meet. It also prints pass instantly having all credentials.

QR Codes for repetitive Visitors

Revisiting guests have to scan the QR code that is sent to them on their first visit and in a blink of an eye, you will find the visitor at your doorstep.

Bar-Code ID Cards & Attendance Management

VMS is a versatile tool that can create a bar-code enabled ID for contractors, servants/maids, gardeners, housekeepers, and maintenance staff. This includes a photo with a bar-code / bio-metric access ID card.

In addition to this, it will also keep track of the security personnel’s attendance & salary.

It is time to bid adieu to common and outdated methods of using the ledger, logbooks, registers at Entry and Exit gates and to embrace multi-faceted technology like Visitor Management Software/Systems at home complex, apartments, and in residential areas!