Automatic Host Notification-Feature Update

Automatic Host Notification-Feature Update
CoReceptionist recently updated their App and added an ‘Automatic-Host-Notification’ feature. The Employee or Host receives a notification informing the arrival of a visitor. Cut long waiting lines in your lobby whilst processing visitors. Lend an experience to your visitors that they will remember and appreciate. Receive instant host notification when the visitor arrives.
How the feature works-
  1. The visitor enters the office premise.
  2. Fills a form on CoReceptionist App in iPad/ Tablet. (Customizable Sign-in fields, depending on the details required by the organization).
  3. Chooses from a list of employees/hosts in that particular office location. 
  4. The concerned host receives a notification.
  5. The host immediately arrives at the lobby to meets & greets the visitor and head to the meeting area. If the host is running late, they can notify via the number provided in the text/mail/slack notification. This allows for two-way communication.
Automatic Host Notification is a great addition to the CoReceptionist feature list. The dashboard is customizable for the host.
In the image below, under ‘Message Rules’, the host can add or delete notifications channels.

Automatic Host Notification- ScreenShot

In the scenario where the host is unavailable, they can also add the email id/ number of their colleagues. So when the host receives the notification, the added colleague will also get the same.
There is no need for an office boy/front desk executive or peon to convey the arrival of the visitor.
It saves a lot of company time, money and also leaves an excellent impact on the guest/visitor. 
This feature is available across all our plans for free.
If you have any questions, our customer support is a chat message away. Or you can also give us a call at+1 508-921-0143‬ or email
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