‘Watchlist’ Feature Update- CoReceptionist-Visitor Management System

‘Watchlist’ Feature Update- CoReceptionist-Visitor Management System

CoRepectionist believes in adapting to the increasing demands of the industry. Watchlist is yet another feature update that accords with increased security challenges. Keeping the office location safe and secure is the prime concern of a company. This applies to companies belonging to all the industry verticals. A sound ambiance is where productivity thrives. Thus, it becomes more crucial when a business expands to more locations. 

‘Watchlist’- Who/Why/What

Once a watchlist is created, it allows the company to compare a visitor sign-in against a pre-determined record. This will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will be a convenient tool for security surveillance. Secondly, adhere to the legal requirement to suffice compliance standards.

Watch list Feature Update

  1. Industry Policy

Many industries are already making watchlist a priority. For instance, organizations in aerospace, healthcare, and legal are switching to electronic watchlists to instantly identify unwanted individuals at sign-in kiosk or counter for quick action.

  1. Compliance 

Supervisory bodies such as PCI and ITAR want the companies to understand the importance of who is entering their site. Companies can face hefty fines if they fail to provide an auditor the details on their visitors and what documents they have signed.

  1. VIP Watchlist

Now, not all watchlist created is for visitors who are banned from entering your office location. It also aims at offering a personalized and exclusive visitor experience. In a scenario, when an important client walks in, you immediately want them to feel welcomed and honored. With a VIP watchlist, you can notify the appropriate employee or host instantly.

CoReceptionist Watchlist Features

  • You can create a watchlist for your company if you are an Account Owner or Location Owner.
  • Next, you can create a name for your watchlist. For example- ‘Danger’, ‘Fraud’ or ‘VIP Guest’. 
  • Furthermore, you can customize the search type based on ‘Similar’ or Exact. Take, for instance, John Doe, in case of ‘Exact’, the app will send an alert, once John Doe signs in. But, in the ‘Similar’ selection, there can be different ways one can spell John Doe, it can be Jon Doe or Jhon Doe. In that case, as well as the host will receive an alert!
  • The Account/Location owner can set the name of the host to receive an alert or notification. The host can be a security personnel, depending on the visitor. In the case of a VIP guest, the notification can go to an executive or the owner.
  • The status of the watchlist, whether it is  ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ can be set accordingly.

Visitor Management System today offers a great welcome experience to the visitors and on the security front, safeguard your office location from visitors who pose a threat. 

Here are different examples of a disruptive visitor-

Disruptive Visitor- Watch list Feature Update

  • Previously escorted Visitor
  • Ex-employee holding a grudge against some in the company 
  • Person targeting someone inside your company, maybe a stalker or a hostile group.

Dealing with a situation with calm and composure is an art

About,  securing your office premises with CoReceptionist’s Watchlist, the concerned visitor will not notice anything at the moment of signing in. They won’t know anything about the alert. Maintaining a calm and normal work environment will the top priority. Since no two unwanted visitors are similar, we do not block them from entering your location and the authority to do so rests with our users.

The power of technology in Visitor Management Software is mind-boggling.  It is impossible to comprehend how paper-based logbooks could have incorporated in today’s scenario. Since we are entering a new phase of the industrial revolution, i.e, Industry 4.0, an intuitive VMS, like CoReceptionist is the best choice for your organization.

Watchlist come with SOUNDEX algorithm and working as below:

Soundex is a phonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound, as pronounced in English. SOUNDEX codes from different strings can be compared to see how similar the strings sound when spoken. The first character of the code is the first character of the expression, converted to upper case. The second through fourth characters of the code are numbers that represent the letters in the expression. The letters A, E, I, O, U, H, W, and Y are ignored unless they are the first letter of the string. All international alphabetic characters outside the A-Z range are treated as vowels. Hence, two strings that sound almost the same should have identical Soundex strings. For instance, the words “Assistance” and “Assistants” both produce a Soundex of “A223”.