What is the Need for a Visitor Management System for your Business?

What is the Need for a Visitor Management System for your Business?
The way you meet and greet people will always be the prime factor of how you sustain a professional relationship, be it on an individual level or as a company. Since, the business has to maintain good relations with its vendors, employees, contractors, etc, creating a dire need for a visitor management system.
Excellent hospitality in any business lends a long association between the parties. It is how your front desk greets the visitors and the experience begins building up from thereon. As a company, you need to have great front desk gadgets and aesthetics, forget the times of paper-based sign-in systems. Not only paper-based logbooks are unreliable, but these double your costs in the retrieval of data and making compliance burdensome. It also puts your office security at risk, offering no means to assess the authenticity of visitors.

In a traditional setting of a front desk in any office-

  • Firstly, a guest will have to wait in long queues
  • Secondly, a receptionist won’t be able to cater to all the visitors.
  • Moreover, the receptionist wouldn’t know the availability of the host.
  • The visitors, won’t fill all the details in the paper logs and some won’t even bother filling in at all.
  • Money, time, and efforts all are misused.
Along with securing your office, it is important for you as a company to give your visitors a WOW welcome. No more waiting in queues, a kiosk or iPad/Tablets to sign in, custom badge printing, and much more. Once the visitor signs-in a VMS installed kiosk, the host receives an instant notification via slack message, email and or even via a text on his registered mobile number. Let us tell you that, you will be more than happy to have your compliance done, without breaking a sweat.
A visitor management system is so much more than a fancy gadget. Installing a full-featured VMS in your office is a necessity nowadays, and it cares care of-
  1. Digital Sign-in & Sign-out of Visitors
  2. Automated Host Notifications
  3. Touchless Visitor Entry
  4. Digital signing of NDA’s
  5. Compliance friendly
  6. Customize Visitor Badges
  7. QR Codes and Barcodes
  8. Scanning Government ID’s
  9. Location Directory
  10. Employee Directory
  11. Centralized Storage of Data of all locations.
These and many other important features are available in a VMS. There are so many competing Visitor Management Softwares in the market and they are customizable according to the need of your business.
Key Takeaways-
  • VMS saves time and money. It is a one-time investment you should opt for.
  • Smooth Visitor-Host experience. No queues & no waiting.
  • Customized Visitor Badges-with image capture. Time-in & out
  • Digital signing of NDA’s, and other contracts
  • Efficient & Effortless Legal Compliance
  • Touchless Visitor Entry to make the premised safe for everybody in your office.