Why Unstaffed Reception is Better? Top 5 Benefits

Why Unstaffed Reception is Better? Top 5 Benefits

What will an unstaffed reception look like? Is it a step forward towards the disruptive technology in the wake of the Pandemic? Let’s have a look at the blog below.

Having a receptionist to greet visitors is how we picture the reception area or lobby of an office. A smartly dressed, well-spoken, and with a pleasant smile, a receptionist adds to the bigger picture and is the face of the company. 

But things have changed, and we are familiar with the new normal and are well adapting to it. Less human interaction is the best precaution against COVID-19, so evolving your office needs is necessary.

Below are 5 benefits that you can have by having an unstaffed reception


#1 The Struggles to Cover the Reception


The live receptionist cannot be ever-present at the front desk, he/she will have to step away for necessary activities like bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, etc. Now, if the visitor arrives during these ‘breaks’, the advantage of having the live receptionist is lost there.

It will be stressful for other employees as well to ensure that office reception is always covered. Moreover, if the live receptionist calls-in sick or is away on a vacation and if your office heavily depends on one, filling in their shoes won’t be an easy task. There will be tremendous pressure on the company to ensure the front desk is always covered.

By removing the need to hire a live receptionist, you free yourself of all the above pressure. Automating the office reception is the future.


#2 Cost-Saving on hiring the Live-receptionist


Although a live receptionist adds a lot of value to your office, it may come as a luxury to small scale office or start-ups. These small scale companies have to wait until they can easily afford a live receptionist.

However, recent years have seen an upsurge in e-reception and visitor management systems. These are cloud-based SAAS system which is easier to install than cheaper than an in-person receptionist. It saves the cost and efforts from hiring to training and getting on board a live receptionist.


#3 Endevour to create a productive work environment


In many offices, the role of receptionist is not only limited to meet and greet the visitor. They are often given additional duties to handle administration work. If it’s not a high-trafficked reception, it is easier to manage, but if it isn’t then it can be a tad bit frustrating to handle both duties.

This may further lead to not so pleasant greeting experience for visitors, as each time the receptionist has to tear away from other work to pay attention to attend them. It defeats the purpose of having a great presence at the office reception if the receptionist is overworked.


#4 Save Space- Go Minimalistic


Behind the huge front desks, there is a lot of paperwork and documentation lying around that the live receptionist needs to conceal from the visitors. 

Since it is important to practice social distancing, getting rid of bulky furniture will be advantageous. Instead, you can install kiosks and tablets with a robust visitor management system in place. Clean, comprehensive, and minimalistic.


#5 Minimizing the Person to Person Contact


Given the COVID-19 situation, adhering to social distancing norms is as crucial as minimizing contact with people. In many offices, the live receptionists have taken the role of gatekeepers to perform the temperature check and enquire about the travel history of employees and visitors, all as a part of CVOVID-19 testing.

Although it has been seen that temperature checking alone is not a proven way to screen people for Coronavirus. Since the coronavirus spreads via infected respiratory droplets transferred through live, in-person contact, the office management has decided to cut or remove the personal/physical element form the front desk.

In order to safely automate the reception, opt for a visitation system like CoReceptionist.


Key Takeaways on Unstaffed Reception


  • It is physically impossible for a live receptionist to be present at the front desk, which may lead to unattended visitors.
  • Cloud-based Visitor Management systems are way cheaper than hiring and a full-time live receptionist
  • Instead of making your receptionist multi-task which may not be conducive to their growth, opt for visitor management systems to automate front desk operations.
  • Adhering to health guidelines is very important and social distancing is one of them, making your reception area spacious will be advantageous. Install kiosks and tablets with visitor management systems.
  • Automate the COVID 19 screening process with a visitor management system by replacing the live receptionist.


What can CoReceptionist do for the unstaffed reception?


If you want to opt for an unstaffed reception, the Visitor management system like Coeceptionist can offer your services that can be helpful and extremely functional in time of the pandemic we are currently facing globally. We at CoReceptionist, make sure the health of your employees and visitors is not compromised.

We offer a number of services:

  • Touchless Visitor Entry- The visitors scan QR code using
  • Badge Printing
  • Watchlist
  • QR Codes Scanning 
  • Visitor Check-in / Check-out
  • Employee Check-in / Check-out
  • Digitally Signing NDA’s
  • Safety & Orientation Videos and much more.

We offer a 14 days Free trial period to companies wanting to try CoReceptionist. We promise round the clock availability for customer support. It is time to adapt to technology that can automate your reception so you can efficiently focus on other business processes.