Point Solution Vs Platform Solution- What to choose?

Point Solution Vs Platform Solution- What to choose?

Organizations around the globe struggle to choose an IT strategy to reduce the impacts of shocks and stresses of future events. This concerns the electronics, data storage, and communications systems. As part of countermeasure, companies have to choose between Point Solution vs Platform Solution. 

Before we move into the dynamics of Point solution and platform solution, let’s know what they exactly are.


What is a Point Solution?


A tool, product, or service that delivers on one, singular value proposition for an organization is a point solution. Room-booking software, helpdesk software, space management software, or maintenance planning software are some examples of point solutions.

 The issue with point solution is that it fulfills only a specific purpose, with limited expansive features. Many times businesses will end up deploying several point solutions from different vendors. This further adds to expenses and also each will require to be updated and maintained. Sounds like to much work, doesn’t it?


What is an Integrated or Platform solution?


An Integrated solution is one comprehensive software solution that secures data storage and maintains automatic connections between processes. The integrated solution is extensive when compared to the point solution. It offers rapid returns on investment without the complexity of data exchange between processes.


The Dilemma of Choice- Point solution Vs Platform Solution


The software and hardware needs of different sizes of companies are subjective. If its a large organization, instead of opting for multiple point solutions, investing and installing a platform solution will be more reasonable. 

For small scale companies it depends on what kind of functionalities they want to look after, and then choose between a platform or point solution.


Below mentioned are four factors that influence your decision to determine the best approach.


  • Time Factor

The point solutions are easier to install and solve specific problems as quickly. On the other hand, it is important to calculate the integration and maintenance costs when selecting the point solution. On the other hand, platform solutions are long term investments.

  • Budget Factor

When it comes to the budget factor longterm platform solutions benefits could outweigh the short-term gains of a point solution. It is crucial to conduct a detailed ROI calculation, this will help in obtaining the right answer as a solution.

  • Pitfall Endurance Factor

A platform approach is a major undertaking, without a doubt, and requires a significant investment upfront. Now, every project is susceptible to pitfalls that can happen in any project, the preparedness on the developers’ side will help you overcome the hurdles and won’t disrupt the processes. 

  • Approach Factor

When choosing between point solution vs platform solution consider an overall strategy and know where you need to be in 3-5 years. Ask yourself whether the current technology stack will help you achieve your organizational goals.

Will your IT team be able to support and upgrade point solution or opt for a platform solution with built-in integrations?


Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Platform Solution Over Point Solution.


#1 Feasibility

With Platform solutions, it is easier for a business to set the new technology and together bring a pleasant experience for the clients. The clients need to simply understand the framework to complete certain tasks. With just a minimum know-how of the technical aspect of the software, the client can operate the same worry-free.

A platform solution can take care of your business requirements and the feasibility makes the whole process more enjoyable.

#2 Adaptability

When it comes to platform solutions it is easier to update features on the go. The developers of the platform solution can make tailored functionalities suiting the needs of the organizations.

For instance, we at CoReceptionist, developed a Touchless visitor entry feature, in our comprehensive and integrated visitor management solution, given the absolute necessity in the wake of the Corona Virus.

#3 Moving beyond Standardization

More often the point solution is based on a “one size fits all” approach, and that fulfills the requirement up to some extent. In contrast to platform solutions, which come equipped with different functionalities solving multiple needs of companies.

Platform solutions eliminate the need for buying multiple point solutions, that simply add to the cost and are difficult to manage.

#4 Better Scalability

Another benefit of the platform solution is that under an increased or expanding workload or scope, it will continue to cope and perform well. The developers of the platform solution work together to offer you customized and modified scalability, as discussed above.

#5 Think one step ahead

As a business, you should invest in fulfilling multiple purposes at a time, rather than focusing on one goal. Instead of centering your resources on the current scenario, focus on the future, and be one step ahead. And platform solutions perform that precisely.

Listed below are some hand-on tips to ponder on while selecting the platform solution

  • Pen down the core and secondary needs of your company.
  • You can request the platform solution developers to show you a partner list to enquire about their growth and engagement.
  • Ask the owners of the platform solution for a roadmap and rundown through it.
  • Enquire about the APIs if they are open and if you can view the documentation, and how easy they are to work with.



We hope by now it is clear as to what and how to choose between point solutions and platform solutions. Platform solutions will always have some added advantage to your business, so choose the best for your organization.

In a similar vein, an integrated visitor management solution, CoReceptionist is a one-stop solution for visitor management, facility management, managing deliveries, employee sign-in, and much more.  Contact us to know more about the features and functionalities.