5 Visitor Management System benefits crucial in the Times of Corona

5 Visitor Management System benefits crucial in the Times of Corona

While we are adapting to the new normal in the times of Corona, many offices have begun functioning and some are still resorting to working from home. Having advanced technology like a robust visitor management system benefits by alleviating the concerns of the pandemic and creating a healthy ambiance. From securing your office premises to the checking-in visitor, VMS now includes features that take the health and safety of your workplace to the next level.

More and more companies are installing visitor management software, the global visitor management system market size will reach the $2 billion mark by 2026. The growth rate is 16.3% CAGR during the forecast period.

It is not just to greet your visitors or for the aesthetics, but can communicate effective functionalities that are need of the hour. Let’s have a look below at the 5 effective visitor management software practices beneficial in the times of COVID 19.


1. Employee Registration


Along with maintaining visitor check-in and check out, you can customize the VMS to create an employee sign-in section. The software allows you to add a questionnaire, asking them concerning any recent travel history or if they have been in contact with anybody who has/ had COVID 19.

You can add these and more questions concerning the health of employees to understand if they exhibit any coronavirus symptoms. This is personal information and maintains your employees’ trust by keeping it secure and private.


2. Capacity management with Visitor Management Software


The social distancing guidelines state that a distance of 6 feet is to be maintained and to avoid large gathering at all costs. A visitor management system will let you know the number of people present in your office in real-time. You can view the same from your software dashboard. 

Getting a real-time view on the number of visitors and employees will help you know the capacity limit and then you can restrict the entry into your office. You can get automated capacity alerts and so as to not compromise the health of people present at your office premises.


3. The efficiency of Visitor Management System in Contact tracing 


Even with temperature monitoring and capacity management, an employee could still be carrying coronavirus. Anyone who comes in contact with the sick increases the risk of them being infected.

The key concepts about contact tracing are as follows

  • Trace and monitor contacts of infected people. Notify them of their exposure.
  • Expand staffing resources. Contact tracing in the US will need that states, tribes, localities, and territorial establish large forces of contact tracers.
  • Use digital tools. Adoption and evaluation of digital tools may expand the reach and effectiveness of contact tracers.

Talking about the tools to successfully canary out contact tracing, one of them is called a wearable device, it provides advanced solutions that can help employees maintain social distance and as well as provide precise data.

The other tool is the versatile visitor management system which provides employee registration. All of the employees’ data in one place, so, when the need arises, one can pull off accurate data of employee check-in and check-out, without compromising on employee privacy.


4. Contactless Visitor Entry


With a cloud-based SaaS visitor management system adapting a change is simple. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, touching shared surfaces such as a kiosk, sign-in tablets, tabletop, etc should be minimal and or prohibited. 

A feature like Touchless Visitor Entry checks-in a visitor or employee via a QR code and also a mobile app. The Touchless visitor entry reduces the need for interactions, be it any visitor type, i.e, contractors, interviewees, or customers. All they have to do is scan QR codes using their phone camera in the CoReceptionist app on the tablet/kiosk at the office reception.

The entire process is efficient and completely touch-less. 


5. Access control with Visitor Management System


Another great aspect of a visitor management system is that it provides the company with seamless integration with employee management tools. It restricts the unlimited access to everybody in your office and ensures people who have been approved enter the premises.

Access Control system integration, for instance, KISI, will allow only those to enter the office building who have completed the employee registration process with complete health checks.

Other important practices that can keep your office germ-free are as follows

  • Sanitization Station

Place sanitization stations at regular intervals in your office space. Make sure you have one near your reception area, to make it convenient for visitors to sanitize their hands before they enter the office.

  • Sanitizers and Sprays at workstations

Every working station in your office should have sanitizers and sprays to sanitize tabletops, mouse, keyboards, screen, basically the frequently touched surfaces.

  • Masks and Social Distancing

Ensure everyone in your office wears a mask, all the time, while working and talking to others and maintaining a 6 feet distance too, should be the norm in the office.

  • Washing hands

Make it mandatory for everyone present in your office to wash their hands frequently and for as long as 20seconds.

Now, if you are looking for an integrated and comprehensive visitor management solution for your office premises, your search for it completes here. CoReceptionist understands the changing times and needs of all organizations and we also provide customized features suiting the requirements of an individual company, therefore, fulfilling the criteria of a robust visitation system.

CoReceptionist can help create a healthy and germ-free ambiance around so your employee and visitors are safe in your office premises. Welcome and greet visitors with the new normal and install CoReceptionist today!

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