CoReceptionist’s Location Management- Feature Update

CoReceptionist’s Location Management- Feature Update
CoReceptionist’s Location Management can give real-time analysis of people present in your office. This feature update is for centralized storage of data of all locations in one place.
Hiring more employees, expanding office locations is the key sign of how well a business is doing. It is evident that a company is earning good revenue and the growth bar is rising.
With a rapid rise in every aspect, it is important to have technology that keeps track of visitors and employees. To have a cumulative data about who is present in your office premises makes you well informed. CoReceptionist’s location management can give real-time analysis of people present in your office.

Location Directory

As the owner or manager, you have to focus on creating an excellent workplace experience. Furthermore, it is necessary to know what’s happening across the offices and make improvements in the process whenever there is a lapse.
You can add as many office locations in different cities all over the world. In the top panel, you will notice the name of the company and once you click it, in the drop-down menu you “Add Location”. Under this, you can add/manage Rooms, Floors, Buildings, & Campuses.

Manage Entry/Exit

What is common, in regards to infrastructure, in an educational facility, hospital, & airport?
Firstly they have various entry points and secondly they have as many exit points, and it is not easy to keep the track of footfall at all ends. CoReceptionist App will keep a track of all people who signed-in and signed-out. You will have a consolidated real-time data available all the time. This boosts the sense of security. Also in an incident that occurs, the organization can present authentic visitor information.
The dashboard has a graph that shows the number of visitors you have on the day. In case you need visitor details, explore the Navigation Panel on the left and click on ‘Visitor Logs’. The data is viewable & downloadable (CSV Format).
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