Build a strong and loyal base for Customers- Focus on Customer Service

Build a strong and loyal base for Customers- Focus on Customer Service

We all are customers, aren’t we? How will you, as a customer, like to be treated? There are brands and services we keep going back to. Ever wondered why?

The answer to the above question is Customer Service. The product/service, it’s cost, and quality is the major reasons. However, having a good customer service team forms the backbone of any organization.

We at CoReceptionist strongly believe that a smart, responsive customer support team can do wonders. Certainly, for both the business and the customers.

In our case, many times, we provided an extension of the free trial period to our customers. And solved issues within an hour of requests. Our team comes up with features requested by our loyal customer base. Small gestures like these make our customers happy and emphasize that we care. This way we have and will continue to create a loyal clientele that only grows.

Move from Words to Actions!

To tighten the grip over ways you can build a strong and loyal Customer base, it’s time to loosen the tie and monotonous conversations. Let’s have a look.


  1. Automated Response


Through the day, the customer service reps try to clear up request queues as quickly as possible. And automated responses solve a lot of queries of the customers, satisfactorily.

However, this can make you lose sight of support requests from customers that don’t need a scripted response. In this scenario, try to gauge the clients’ requests, and later resolve it. It will be a wise choice.

Train your CS reps to be patient and ask them to interact well with the customers. This will give the CS rep the time to fully understand the issues and mindfully suggest the right solution. Maintain a conversation that has a friendly touch and not a strict business-like tone to it.

Ultimately, your CS team is the face of your company and the one to have a human point of contact with your customers. Notably, excellent CS is the key to reliability, retention, business growth, and revenue.

Make sure the customers leave with a satisfactory solution.


  1. If you don’t know it, OWN it!


That is anytime better than advising your customers with a wrong solution which may speed up chaos.

Given their profiles, the CS reps have to be the all-knowing expert. They cannot admit they don’t know the answer, especially in front of customers. But the question you can ask is, what will do more damage and tarnish a relationship with a client? Is it admitting that the rep doesn’t know the answer OR suggesting the wrong solution?

Get the drift?

There are so many ways to tell the customers that the CS rep doesn’t have an answer for the solution right away.

You can try the below actions-

  1. Inform customers that you will get back to them shortly. Give them a real timeline.
  2. Transfer the call to another CS rep who has the expertise.


  1. Convey the Pricing and Promotions to your customers


First, begin with thorough market research. It will help in deciding your products’/services’ costs. Keep the prices competitive and real.

The same applies to promotional and marketing strategies. Strategizing a good and transparent marketing campaign is how you will get customers. Authenticate it so that the customers know what they are in for. Do not manipulate them with false advertising and gimmicks.

Many of the competitive companies need customers to enter credit card details for the trial. Sometimes it ends up in unwanted money deduction. Other companies exclude a few features from the free trial. 

Why keep so many conditions in the first place? 

One should practice what one preaches. Therefore, at CoReceptionist, we offer a 14 day free trial of our services. All features included. Through transparency and directness, CoReceptionist builds customer relationships that manifest respect and authenticity.


  1. Provide a tailor-made Onboarding Experience for customers


We all are familiar with how first impressions work and the adage that says that ‘First impressions are last impressions.’ Again it is not a mere buzz word but has science behind it. 

Because of any reason, if your customer has a first bad experience, it is downhill from there. Even in the later interaction customers will find the loopholes, making it difficult for you.

No matter how many clients a business has, giving them a personalized approach always works best. It is best to avoid automated or generalized responses. Design tailor-made solutions to fit their unique needs. That right there establishes your dependability.

As a result, we take extra care throughout the onboarding process. To build solid customer relations, we pay close attention to the early stages of business relations.




We cannot stress enough how crucial customer loyalty is for businesses to succeed. Given the competition, your USP has to be your product/ service, authenticity, and a solid CS team.

Create your company’s reputation in such a way that customers know that they would experience great service. We hope that the above reason proves to be valuable to you. That you succeed in your business endeavors.