Create a modern, professional front desk with an automated visitor management system.

Create a modern, professional front desk with an automated visitor management system.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, visitors, potential clients and future employees will make a judgement about your organisation from the first few metres of your office. It is important to ensure that their first impression is a good one, and in the 21st century, a paper based visitor logbook just is not going to give that impression.

Implementing an automated visitor management system is the fastest way to modernise your front desk and create a professional visitor experience. The days of trying to find a pen to write in a damaged, old visitor book are gone. Greet your visitors with an iPad application instead.

Automate and streamline the visitor experience to ensure the visitors are consistently welcomed and your organisations reputation maintained.

Automated visitor management systems like CoReceptionist are easily deployed to any iPad or android tablet and easily connected to your customised visitor system. Check-in visitors with ease, have them complete safety tests or sign NDA’s and print them a custom pass that includes a photo for easy identification.

CoReceptionist also has the ability to notify staff either by SMS or email upon visitor arrival and even assist with guiding visitors to where in the location they need to go.

Paper based visitor log books can be confusing for visitors to complete so they often leave fields blank or have to cross things out. The sleek and customisable user interface of CoReceptionist provides a modern and friendly tool that is easy for users to interact with but still captures all the data you require for accurate reporting.

The low cost of tablet devices has led to more and more businesses implementing automated visitor management solutions into their offices, facilities or campuses. As this continues to increase visitors will begin to expect it and very soon the reputation of organisations who have stuck with a paper based system will begin to suffer.