Enhance Brand Image with Office Technology

Enhance Brand Image with Office Technology

Many factors contribute to the success of brand image, and having the right technology is the dominant factor. Do you know who your most notable brand ambassadors are? Firstly your visitors and then your employees. You should consider the brand image you want to achieve when choosing office technology. You have to carefully and build your brand image from inside out your website, and the company culture should resonate the same.

Technology has significant effects on business operations, and no matter the size of your enterprise it has both tangible and intangible advantages. This is what helps companies and produces the results of your customers’ demands. 


Here are the following tips on how to utilize office technology to help develop confident perceptions of your company.


#1 Choose office technology that bolsters the brand image you aspire for


Whether are a small or large-scale company to maintain the brand image you have to stay up-to-date with technology that is easy for employees and visitors to use.

For example, if your organization wants to be recognized as trustworthy, you may want to consider technologies that communicate security, such as smart door technology or automated check-in.


#2 Upgrade your visitor experience


Pay attention to the visitor’s experience of what they feel once they set foot in your office can make or break your brand image. Automated check-in and given the Coronavirus situation, contactless visitor check-in can impress your visitors. 

The welcome technology always plays a significant role, shun the paper-based logbooks, and install comprehensive visitor management systems. Further, you can give visitors access to wi-fi and device plug-ins in your reception and conference areas.

Refurbish your conference room technologies and introduce smart boards, wireless presentation technology, and mobile platforms. This will further ease and streamline meetings and client exchanges.


 #3 Technology is the key to Employees’ Productivity and Happiness


The belief that your employees have in their company and brand image automatically speaks volumes, and that’s how your organization exudes confidence. The brand image should pervade the office environment and culture.

Automation tools to free up your employee’s time for other creative work endeavors can make the work more exciting and help them accomplish goals. You can implement productivity and time-management software to improve employee efficiency and motivate them. Further, offices can invest in collaboration tools like Trello, messenger, Hootsuite, etc. that generate the feeling of teamwork among the employees.




The right technology is what you need. If you are looking for solutions to wow your visitors, CoReceptionist is a comprehensive visitor management solution that will automate your reception. 

Here is a list of some of the unique features offered by CoReceptionist

  • Touchless Visitor Entry
  • Badge Printing
  • Watchlist
  • QR Codes Scanning 
  • Visitor Check-in / Check-out
  • Employee Check-in / Check-out
  • Digitally Signing NDA’s
  • Safety & Orientation Videos, and more.

We offer a 14 days Free trial period to companies wanting to try CoReceptonist. We guarantee round the clock availability for customer support.