Myths about a Visitor Management System

Myths about a Visitor Management System

Not all of you must be familiar with the term visitor management system or may have installed it in your organization. Today you will observe many big names in all industry verticals find a visitation system indispensable to their companies. We believe that certain myths about a visitor management system make people and organizations hesitant to install the same.

It may make you wonder if your company will be able to adapt to the visitation system? What will your visitors think? Will it require a lot of technical know-how? Will installing it make people lose their job? 

And the list is endless. If you find yourself bombarded with the above questions, we are more than happy to answer them for you and bring to light all the myths about a visitor management system. 

Myths about a Visitor Management System


Myth 1 – The visitor management system lacks a personal touch.

no personal touch- myths about a visitor management system

Fact – In fact, it helps your visitors to get to the human interaction part faster.

The visitor management system helps eliminate the waiting time. The quick check-in and immediately informs the host. 

In offices with traditional reception, it can take a lot of time for the receptionist to get to the host for whom the visitor is there to meet. The delay can be due to any reason. The host may be away on an official meeting or simply be on a restroom break. 

The above situation can lead to unnecessary delays and not so good first impressions. And to avoid these very unpleasant situations, a visitation system can do the job well.

Myth 2 – Visitor management system will result in people losing their job.

no job - myths about a visitor management system

Fact – Since it is a visitation technology for your reception, many think it would mean a receptionist may lose their job. Checking-in the guest is the least of what a receptionist can do, and it is indeed a monotonous task. 

But as the visitor management system helps the visitors check-in and while the host arrives, the front desk staff do a lot of activities. They can help the visitors feel comfortable by offering them water or coffee, showing them to their conference/meeting rooms or the restroom, furnishing WiFi credentials, or collecting their coats and hats.  In some organizations, where visitor check-in can be a burden, a visitor management system can benefit your company.

Myth 3 –  Visitation systems are complicated. Not easy to operate.

difficult to use - myths about a visitor management system

Fact – It just requires taps a few taps of the screen; the check-in process via a VMS is easy and instant.

We frequently hear from our clients that their guests and visitors promptly start using the system without having to guide them with a process. When it comes to CoReceptionist, the ease of usability speaks for itself. It also allows our clients to customize the welcome screen with their logos. 

Once our clients placed the kiosks or tablet at the location they want, the most prominent being the reception area, the button-based workflow makes their visitors check-in instantly and in an interactive way.

Businesses in all industry verticals, be it health and wellness, retirement homes, banks, or manufacturing companies, our clients, always communicate how there is never a need to train a single visitor to use the visitation system. After all, in just a few taps, the visitor checks-in.

Myth 4 –  The VMS are expensive and difficult to install

money bag - myths about a visitor management system

Fact – A start-up or small scale company can get started at as low as $25 per month.

Visitor management systems are cost-effective and even better than point solutions. It will take less than an hour :

  • To complete the installation
  • Setting up the configurations
  • Adding employee contacts
  • Customizing it with your company’s brand and logo once you have tablets ready. 

Next, if you are stuck at any point in the process, we have experts, round the clock, to help you through it. 

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We hope we were able to shatter the myths about a visitor management system. It is just not limited to visitor check-in and check-out, but you can expand its usability based on your needs. Many of our clients are using it as a mode of contactless check-in, which proves to be effective and efficient in the given situation.

You can avail a free 14 days trial period inclusive of ALL features. We can tailor-make specific functionalities based on the needs of your organization. Let’s renovate your reception with CoReceptionist. 

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