Visitor/Guest Badges- Feature Updated for CoReceptionist App

Visitor/Guest Badges- Feature Updated for CoReceptionist App
Visitor/ Guest Badges is an important and latest feature update in CoReceptionist’s App. The visitor gets their customizable badges with all their details printed on it. It also has their company logo. The iPad or Tablet with CoReceptionist App integrates with Brother’s label Printer. The app connects with Brother’s printer over a Wi-fi connection.
How does the feature work?
1. Firstly, The visitor fills all the fields in an iPad or tablet with CoReceptionist App. (Pre-defined Templates or Customizable)
2. The app prints the badge.
3. The visitor gets a badge, with their credentials along with a Barcode.
4. Later, the visitor can stick the badge on the blazer, shirt, and or top.
From the visitor name to who their host is, along with date and time. You can customize your badges with complete information, including your company’s logo.
As an organization, you can also include a section for visitor type. For example-If, the visitor is here for an
  • Interview- Interviewee selects from the list of HR for the interview
  • Delivery- The personnel can leave the package after informing the receiver. Or mention if the parcel requires a signature.
  • Contractors- Managing contractors and their contracts
  • Events- Allowing Group Sign-in
having custom fields like these can save a lot of time.
This feature filters the guest at the reception. Saving hours and reducing the extra cost.
But the same procedure with a traditional setting would waste the company’s precious time. Productivity and efficiency are what makes a business thrive and survive in the long run.
The Visitor/ Guest Badges feature is available across all our plans for free. Want to get your visitors their custom Visitor Badges? 
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