Organizational Security- Visitor Management System Kiosk or CCTV?

Organizational Security- Visitor Management System Kiosk or CCTV?

Workplace safety is important as employees want to work in a protected atmosphere. Visitor Management System is a high tech solution for all security concerns. In short, it beats all traditional security methods such as paper-based logbooks or CCTV surveillance. A company will always have a large group of visitors coming in and going out each day. These will be contractors, vendors, delivery & maintenance staff among known and unknown guests. 

How CCTV incurs more expenses and ends up being less secure.

  • The CCTV’s only captures the image of the person, who may enter the wrong details in the visitor register. There is no way to get a positive ID of an individual.
  • Nowadays it is a child’s play to temper the CCTV footage.
  • It does very little when it comes to safeguarding the company venue at the time of a calamity.
  • The cost involving in setting up CCTV’s in every nook & corner is very high.
  • Hire security personnel to track CCTV feed.
  • Paper-based entry logs will be difficult to read and decipher.
  • It is time-consuming and incurs unnecessary costs.

On contrary Visitor Management Systems Offers-

  • Customizable Sign-in field for an organization.
  • Scanning Government ID to authenticate the details filled by visitors. 
  • Capture Visitor Image.
  • Instant Host Notification to inform visitor’s arrival.
  • Cloud-based Centralized storage of data.
  • Emergency Evacuation Notification system for all present at that particular office location.
  • Customized Company Brand Badges to identify the visitor.
  • Digitally Signing NDA’s and other contracts.
A working organization needs a smart, innovative and high tech surveillance system. As a result, Kiosks with a superior Visitor Management System is the best way to secure a company. Also, it is a one-time investment compared to traditional security methods.
Various industries all over the world are adapting to Visitor Management Systems. Your wait for a comprehensive security system ends here. Install a Visitor Management System today.