7 Reasons to Get Rid of Paper-Based Logbooks

7 Reasons to Get Rid of Paper-Based Logbooks

The reception is what sets an impression for the entire organization. Using paper-based logbooks is the thing of the past. It is high time you digitize your reception to declutter and present hassle-free visitor experience.

All corporations today want to provide their employees and their visitors with an excellent in-house experience. High-tech gadgets, modernized workstations, and work inductive ambiance are what every employee seeks in an organization. Apart from employees, there are various people on your office premises for various reasons, it can be a business meeting, contactors, Maintenance personnel, etc. 

As a company, you need to have their details like name, number, address, the purpose of visit and using a pen and paper-based logbooks to maintain an important record like these are highly risky.

Here are seven reasons your business immediately needs to shun a Paper-Based log-books.

1. Log-entries are Unreliable & Illegible

In paper-based logbooks, firstly, the inaccuracy of details and unreadable handwriting is frustrating to decipher. Therefore, this is where it is indeed challenging to trace the visitors in case of an emergency or mishappening.

2. Lack of Confidentiality

All visitor information is accessible to the next one in a paper logbook. As a result, this can leak private mobile numbers and addresses which is a breach of trust.

3. Set-up Cost

In a company hiring a receptionist and a team to monthly analyze and retrieve the lost data can be a humongous task. Accordingly, it will unnecessarily cost you thousands of dollars so ‘Go paperless’ should be your Mantra!

4. Consolidation of Visitor Data Across Different Locations

If you have paper logbooks across multiple sites, safeguarding and retaining it will be extremely complicated. Moreover, it will be very difficult to establish the central control system for tracking and consolidating visitor data throughout these locations.

5. Compliance

Paper logs are laborious to maintain given the language and style of the individual user. Furthermore, it makes compliance complicated adding to the cost to revive the lost or damaged data during the compliance period.

6. Technology Backward

Most Importantly, a tech-forward company should adapt to modern visitation systems. And, if you are using a paper-based logbook, then you do not position your organization as tech-friendly.

7. Emergency Evacuation is Difficult

During an emergency evacuation, there is no accurate headcount of people. Consequently, there is chaos and further, worsening the circumstance.

To sum it up, when you present your organization to the world it should come forward as a modern, and result-oriented workplace. It is high time to let go of paper-based logbooks and automate your reception with a high-tech Visitor Management System.