How is a Touchless Technology in your Workplace Beneficial?- A 2020 Guide

How is a Touchless Technology in your Workplace Beneficial?- A 2020 Guide

Having the touchless technology in your workplace can help businesses adjust to the new normal in the wake of the corona, naturally. These can help increase the safety of your workplace, visitors, and employees. To help control the spread of the virus you should know about the most used touchpoints in your office, be it the entry gate door knobs/handles, elevator buttons, light switches, and the examples are endless.

Now the question is how to create a seamless work environment without having to disrupt the daily lives. And the answer lies with us here and it is by introducing touchless technology.

Below is the guide on what to know before getting a touchless technology.


1. Problem areas and deciding a budget for Touchless Technology in your workplace


Having a touchless tech at the entry point in your office is the most crucial, if visitors and employees are using the door handle, it renders the tech inside inefficient. In order to stop the transmission identify the shares spaces and highly used touchpoints. These can be conference rooms, doors, dining areas, shared workspaces, break rooms, and restrooms.

Having a gesture recognition or sensors at the entry gate to automatically open the doors can eliminate the need for using the touchpoints. Once you know the high impact areas it will help you decide your budget and efficiently install the touchless technology. Think of high-impact areas where the touchless technology will be irreplaceable.


2. Focusing Touchless Technology at the Entry Level in your office


As mentioned above, if everyone touches the same door handle while entering your office it will highly impact the level of transmission. Installing the right touchless access control is the right way to ensure safety and will act as the first line of defense.

  • Smartphone device

A smartphone is called smart for a reason, and it is going to have a great application when your visitors and employees access the entry via their smartphones. The smartphone can act as a keycard for your employees. Your management can allow and revoke access through simple commands.

  • Gesture control

There are access control systems that come equipped with gesture recognition is a great investment. The users can keep their devices in their bags and with a wave of the hand can enter the premises.

  • Features and Functionality

After the right assessment from different companies, but an access control system for your company.

Keep the following things in mind-

  • It should work 100% of the time
  • Should have fail-safes and a backup power supply
  • There should be able to read multiple signals
  • Ensuring an access control system is cloud-based will be advantageous- This includes issuing guest passes, unlocking doors for employees, and schedule door access


3. Switching to Visitor Management System with Touchless Registration


Apart from many advantages of a visitor management system, one is that these are regularly updated by the creators to bring in changes that are helpful to the organization. One that has Touchless registration will be great to install at the reception area. The touchless entry for visitors or employees helps them get access by using their smartphones.

The Touchless visitor entry is a zero contact sign-which requires no physical interactions with tablets or kiosks at the reception area. The users have to simply scan QR code using their phone camera in the visitation software in the tablet/kiosk at the office reception.


Best ways to implement touchless technology and Key elements


Installing touchless technology can keep your workplace safe without disrupting the convenience. Before putting in effect the best practices, here is what you should know-

  • As mentioned above, analyze the high impact areas where the touchless technology is indispensable, which in turn will help you streamline your budget.
  • Touchless Access control will give employees the freedom to enter the office premise without having to touch any button. You can automate the process for visitors and issue them passes.
  • At the reception area, or in your lobby visitor management system with touches entry reinforces safety.
  • A cloud-based access control system together with a visitor management system gives great credibility and control to businesses.


Apart from introducing touchless technology in your Workplace


You should ask your employees to always practice social distancing. Additionally, have your management place sanitization station at intervals in your office given the area. Wearing masks is also crucial and so is washing hands at regular intervals.

Visitor Management System like CoReceptionist works together with KISI, a cloud-based access control system to offer a comprehensive solution to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

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