Importance of Compliance for Facility Management

Importance of Compliance for Facility Management

Facility management is a vital aspect of a successfully running business. So, a facility manager handles day-to-day operations of the organization and delivery of services on behalf of your business. 

Many industries administer multiple regulations that include

-who can be onsite

-important safety training, and 

-data protection. 

The facilities management’s role is to establish and document compliance. They are accountable to reduce the expenditures and ensure that your business meets all its goals. Without facility management in place, your company will struggle to achieve and won’t be able to meet the defined objectives.

The role of facility management is rather extensive. First, a facility manager will help you design a strategic plan that includes-

(i) long-term and short-term goals

(ii) cost reduction 

(iii) profit goals. They will also make sure you achieve them. 

Second, the facility manager will conduct risk assessments and implement and execute health and safety procedures to decrease the risks of workplace hazards. Further, they are in charge of organizing the security, maintenance, and repairs of your office building. They’re also responsible for organizing waste disposal and management. Without them, the hygiene of the workplace could go haywire.

Compliance and Facility Management

Over two-thirds of respondents ranked compliance as a high priority. It’s on the agenda of facility management professionals more than ever. – Facility Executive.

In this blog we will look into five ways facility managers can use workplace tech to support the company’s compliance programs. Firstly, by limiting visits from unauthorized visitors. Secondly, by keeping an authentic log of the visitor’s arrival and departure. Most importantly, recording all the legal documents have signatures.

Facility Management Trends 

All working professionals have to adapt to the ever-changing needs of different industrial sectors. Year 2020 brings in new trends for facility management. Their scope is shifting to provide a positive employee experience.

The power to create an engaging workplace that operates fluidly so employees can focus on the job rests in the hands of facility management.

New rules or changes in the existing regulations forms to protect data privacy, ensure workplace safety and national security. Facility management equipped with the knowledge can make compliance documentation easy.

Here are five ways facility management can support compliance

Listed below are 5 important areas where facilities management can focus on compliance through strong business knowledge and deploy a visitor management system to automate the difficult and fallible manual procedure.

  • Nature of your business

First, understand the nature of your business and which regulations govern your company. You should also know about regulations that govern access into particular. There are regulations governing who may access specific sites or buildings. For instance- ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) prohibits non-US citizens from entering facilities supposed to have national security interests. It requires companies that manage sensitive data such as corporate financials or payroll to undergo audits periodically. This is to ensure the proper controls, and procedures are in practice to protect privacy.

  • Visitor Watch list

Ditch the paper-based logbooks, where visitors can forge their information and enter your organization. A smart visitor management solution offering visual compliance can immediately verify the legitimacy of government ID. Besides, it will also cross-verify potential visitors against lists of people, whom your organization prohibits from entry for legal reasons. With CoReceptionist you can create a Watch list, or blacklist to deny the access to individuals who pose a threat. CoReceptionist

  • Educate everyone on safety and security in the workplace

Create awareness and educate your employees about workplace hazards. This will prevent accidents and ensure that people are complying with health and safety regulations.

Make this a part of the welcome process. The facility management can deploy a VMS that will check in visitors and employees and will also show videos and NDA to create awareness.

  • Data Privacy

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulates almost every business. The fines for non-compliance can vary from hundreds to millions of dollars. Companies must protect the privacy of visitors and customer data. Using visitor management software allows guests to show how (if) you may use their data to prevent accidental yet expensive offense.

  • Support audits

Auditing will no longer be a headache and rather it will be a cakewalk. With a cloud-based visitor management system in place, visitor data is accessible from the oldest to most recent ones. You can also present documentation of legal documents such as waivers on request by the auditors. With the right tool, Facility Management can breathe easy and be ready for any challenge. Bid adieu to the traditional pen and paper systems that would get lost and cost a fortune on retrieval.

There is no need to dread Compliance make it a team sport and WIN it! With the right workplace technology and efficient facility management, make your organization a safe place for employees and visitors. 

Similarly, streamline your audit process with the right combination of people and technology.


Every management in an organization needs the right tools and software to function efficiently.

A visitor management system is a boon for facility management. With the right team and robust software, you create a tech-forward office environment that is safe for visitors and employees.