How to have a Safe Visitor Experience in the midst of Coronavirus

How to have a Safe Visitor Experience in the midst of Coronavirus

Each of us is aware of the COVID 19- Coronavirus Pandemic and the effect of it on people’s health and the economy worldwide. What has become important now is to control the virus and contain it. The endeavors of healthcare facilities around the world are commendable. Likewise, we have to take precautions on an individual level as well to curb the virus.

Coronavirus prevention

At CoReceptionist, we have come up with 3 ways on how you can screen your visitors at the reception. We will chalk down questionnaires/agreements and alerts that you can customize accordingly. We always emphasize reception as the front line of defense, and in times like these, it plays a crucial role.

There are 3 ways to ensure your office less crowded 


  1. Creating an Alert Screensaver

Instead of a previous welcome screen, you can create an alert screensaver. On taping the screen, an alert will popup. Below is an image, you can customize it. The dimensions are-1536 × 2048 (landscape) & 2048 ×1536 (portrait).

Alert ScreenSaver Coronavirus

We want you as an organization to have the control to medicate your location and reduce anxiety for your visitors and employees.


  1. Adding Agreement

By adding an agreement to your process you can ask a series of questions to your visitors before they can complete the check-in process. Here is an example agreement to ask your visitors if they have experienced the common symptoms of the coronavirus. 

Begin with-

“Please carefully read the following statements:

-I am not showing any common flu symptoms i.e fever or cough.

-I have not had any person-to-person contact with someone who has shown symptoms of the coronavirus in the last 7 days.

-I have not attended an area where there has been a significant outbreak, such as the coronavirus or influenza, in the last 7 days.”

With our Agreements tool, if the visitors select “No” or “Cancel”, it will end the check-in process and deny the entry. This way you will not expose your office and employees to the person who exhibits the coronavirus symptoms.


Corona virus

You can also include videos displaying the preventions to take when on your office premises. For instance, avoid handshake, and washing hands, encourage the use of hand sanitizers placed in the office.

Maintain calm and avoid chaos and be well- informed. People panic due to misinformation. Our mission is to help your organization steer clear of viruses and stay organized.

Features like Adding Agreements and visitor types are free through all our pricing tiers. Additionally, they have great usage given any circumstances.

With a visitor management system like CoReceptionist, you can change customizable visitor type workflows to promptly make changes to the check-in and visitor tracking process that are immediately displayed on your iPad display.


  1. Touchless Sign-in

One thing we need to keep in mind is to keep physical interaction at a minimum. You don’t want your iPad to be the breeding ground for spreading the coronavirus. What you can do is prepare all the appointments of visitors in advance. In short, Pre-Register your visitors.

After you send an invite to a visitor, they will receive QR code via an email or and text.  Once they come to visit their host, visitors need to scan QR codes at the reception on their way in and out. 


You can use the first and the following methods for the check-in of your employees as well. Moreover, you want to ensure that your employees are healthy, and help them out if they aren’t. Besides, assign tasks to your employees so half of them can work from home and others can work in the office.

Nothing is more important to us than your organization and its employees’ soundness. We should come together to help control and defeat the Covid 19- Coronavirus pandemic by taking all preventive measures on an individual level. Further, if you have questions related to managing visitor data in our visitor management system, feel free to call, email or chat with us.