Visitor Pre-Registration -New Feature Update in CoReceptionist App

Visitor Pre-Registration -New Feature Update in CoReceptionist App
Visitor Pre-Registration is an excellent way to welcome VIP and important representatives. It sets a great and lasting impression on guests. Pre-Registration is a blessing when it comes to inviting many guests for a company event.
For example- Your organization is planning an event and you have a list of 200 guests. Mailing an invite to all guests one at a time is not only boring but time-consuming. With Coreceptionist App, one of your HR employees can send a bulk invite to all 200 guests at once. The invite will have all the event details and a QR Code. On the day of the event, the guest will scan the QR code at the kiosk/iPad/tablet with CoReceptionist App.
It is a thought-out feature to increase the company’s and its employees’ productivity.
How Visitor- Pre-Registration works-
  • The host fills in customizable sign-in fields. Name, number, and time of arrival, etc.
  • The host then sends the invite via E-mail.
  • The invitation has all the details with a QR Code.
  • On arrival, the Visitor has to scan the QR Code.
A smooth, hassle-free check-in for all the important guests/visitors, it’s as simple as that! It also ensures there is no intruder trespassing in an event, where it is difficult to keep a tab on everyone.
Be worry-free about any intruders setting foot in your company events or gatherings. Visitor Pre-Registration helps keep a tab on everybody present.
If you want your employees to register their visitors, add them as users to your account. After that, they will be able to log their visitors without any help from the administration.
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