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Can I add more questions fields for detailed check-in for different visitor check-in?


Custom Field 2 is a continuation of Custom fields. While adding a custom field, we learn how you can add additional questions to know more about the visitor. The questions can vary according to the industrial sector your company belongs to.
This article will explain what each custom field means when you click ‘Add a New Field’ and the drop-down menu appears.
The options are as follows-

Custom Field 2 screenshot

  1. Citizen Field– Whether the visitor is the citizen of the country displayed.
  2. License Plate Field– For identification purposes.
  3. Text Field– For any industry-relevant question.
  4. Number Field– To add numbers.
  5. Decimal Field – To add decimal values.
  6. Yes/No Field– The visitor will click on yes or no boxes that appear on the screen.
  7. Single Choice Field – You can provide choice for the question and visitors will be able to select any one option.
  8. Multiple Choices Field – You can provide many options for visitors to choose from. here visitors can select more than one option.
  9. Date Field– for entering DOB (date of birth), etc.
  10. Date-Time Field– To enter date and time simultaneously.
  11. Time Field– To enter the time of entry, etc.
Each custom field comes with three more options-

Custom_field 2

  • Reordering– move the questions in order of priority
  • Delete– remove the field if it is not suitable anymore.
  • Lock/Unlock– Question that you lock are the ones that the visitors have to answer compulsorily.
In case your organization have some different parameter and you want to add more to Custom field 2, just let us know. We will customize it for you.
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